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May 16 2006

That Geek-Week vs. Joss Whedon interview explained. There's been a fair bit of comment on blogs and such ilk about whether the Geek-Week interviewer knew he was interviewing the real Joss Whedon. Anyhow, the interviewer posts to and explains what really happened.

Haven't yet seen the clip? Then revisit the Whedonesque thread where we first talked about it.

As of writing, this clip has been viewed 106,464 times on YouTube. So I reckon it's now turned into an underground hit. There's certainly been a lot of discussion about it.

Uhm, I can't believe they were actually pretending to be interviewing Joss when they actually happened to see him. That's more than slightly amusing.
People genuinely love this piece of footage. At the rate it's going, I am convinced more people will be talking about it than they ever did for the Serenity viral clips.
That wouldn't surprise me, Simon. It's funny, it's quirky, slightly nerdy and it's not too specific - it's exactly the kind of thing which thrives online. If Joss ever needs to promote a Buffy movie, all he needs to do is dress as Sarah and go around a convention for an hour - there would be video clips everywhere online. And I'm only half kidding.

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I am thinking he should do that for Wonder Woman gossi, although he might fit in to well.
Well, he did promise me here he'd dress as Wonder Boy. (Although he might just have been joking).

I think, however, Joss has too much self respect to do that. And really, I'm cool with that. The day Joss starts dressing as superheros to promote a movie is probably the day we need to panic. Not that I'm superheroist.

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There aren't many people who could pull that kind of thing off without it being staged. In another life Joss would've made an awesome stand-up comic.
That was so geeky, and amazing. I totally had the same thoughts of groveling and kissing Joss' toes when I met him last September, too. Nice to see that I'm not alone. :D
I love this backstory. It just makes me appreciate Joss even more. And, damn, just seeing him go with the flow like this makes me wish even more that he had had an opportunity to promote Serenity on The Daily Show. He and Jon Stewart are both so quick. That would have been awesome.

Edited because my fingers are having one of their mind-of-their-own days.

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The video is being featured on frontpage... I think it's the third or fourth day today that it is still on the front page.
I didn't even know that there was any doubt that he was interviewing the real Joss.
I'd never imagined that was done on the fly. It looks better planned than that. Wow.

(incidentally, I showed the video to a friend earlier, who doesn't really have a clue who Joss Whedon is, and he very much enjoyed it)
It's too bad that wasn't around, or at least as popular when those Serenity viral clips hit the internet. That one website has really changed way video gets passed around the internet. Stuff like this Joss Whedon Geek-Week interview is getting passed around and reaching all sorts of people it wouldn't have just 1 year ago. I imagine it won't be long until Hollywood and tv networks try to use this to their advantage (or at least they would try to use it if they were smart).

That said it would be incredible cool if we got some virtal like mini-movies/commercials for either Goners or Wonder Woman along the lines of the Serenity ones. Great way to promote the films and any extra Joss is always good. However, I imagine that those types of viral films would likely work better for a horror movie like Goners rather than Wonder Woman.
Goners would be a GREAT viral candidate. It's so shrouded in mystery anyway.
I too was sure immediately that the interviewer knew it was Joss and I was giving him kudos for being so cool. Knowing now that he just wanted to kiss Joss's feet makes him even more cool. And Joss playing along with it..... well. That's why there is this website. This um, board or forum or Blog! 'cause he's the coolest.
And, damn, just seeing him go with the flow like this makes me wish even more that he had had an opportunity to promote Serenity on The Daily Show. He and Jon Stewart are both so quick. That would have been awesome.
Oooooh my god, that would indeed be...! If Colbert got in on it, my little fangirl heart might 'splodey in joy.

Maybe for Wonder Woman. Jon's signed to the show through 2008,...
You know how they say it ruins the joke if you have to explain it?
Well there you go ;-)

Personally I think Joss should dress up like a car rental agency worker and appear randomly at airport check-in counters in L.A. and see who figures it out. Now that would be hillarious!
"However, I imagine that those types of viral films would likely work better for a horror movie like Goners rather than Wonder Woman."

Yeah Wonder Woman doesn't need that. Its going to be huge in terms of promotion. But wouldn't it be cool if Joss pulled a Bryan Singer and put up a video production blog?
I. Just. Luuuuuuuvvvv. That. Man. (The Joe Sweden guy.)

I thought the video we had the other day was hilarious. Then, reading the blog linked above and watching the entire footage just had me ROTFL. And when the interviewer talked about wanting to kiss Joss' feet, it was, like, a moment of total identification with him. It was all really well done. And he kept his cool so well! I would have gone all inarticulate, squeaked a few times and passed out. . . .
On re-watching, you can actually see Joss adjust minutely (and very quickly) as the guy starts on his schtick. This was hilarious before but knowing that it's all on the fly makes it seriously funny ;).

(though i've no idea how anyone can think he didn't know it was Joss since that would mean the interviewer really believed the guy had a papier mache Whedon head on, which, y'know, he didn't)
It's great to read the explanation, it makes the originally cool interview even more brilliant. But I have no clue how people could think that was not Joss ... I mean, who else is that witty, with or without improvisation? The link also made me think about it from the interviewer's point of view ... I was just focussing on Joss the first few thousand times I watched it.
People are amazing. So people actually thought that the interviewer did not know that was the real Joss Whedon? Yeah. Okay.

I am just amazed that it was done without a set-up. On the other hand I had not been able to figure out how it had been arranged since suggesting to Joss that they do this would have sounded so lame. It just coming out of the blue makes much more sense in that way. Both the interviewer and Joss did a great job though. I'm sure it was a relief for Joss to have something a little more fun thrown at him rather than the usual stuff.

I wonder what was cut out of the middle though...
How on earth did i miss this first time round? Very funny indeed - great on-the-fly Jossness.
Both of them were equally quick and hilarious. I'm really impressed with the Geek Week guy.
I'm going to chime in with the Joss love in this video. I wish I were a woman so I could bear his children. (Or, you know, the less creepy "He is awesome and hilarious.") Seriously, that level of improvisation--maybe Joss could host Saturday Night Live sometime (or a better show, since that has been weak lately).

Joss on The Daily Show or The Colbert Report? I would die from awesomeness. Seriously, if that news item is ever announced, I will start making funeral arrangements in anticipation of its airing.
Even if the Geek Week guy did freak out after it was over, I think he held it to gether quite impressively for the interview. Not a hint of impending deer-in-the-headlights, incoherent blathering or pants peeing! What serendipity to actually have Joss as the unexpected punchline.
And about Joss... if anyone ever asks "Why?" just show them that footage. "I, who am Joss Whedon", the fingers crossed for the costume thing and the 'watch this' face in signing the autograph were funny, but for some reason "You are a HUGE nerd!" really made me laugh.

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I second (third? fourth?) that Joss has to get on the Daily Show one of these days. That would be a new viral video right there.

But man. If there's another hollywood writer that wing a virtuoso performance like that, I've never heard of them.
Ok am I the only one who went OMG it's Doug Jones! Hmmm, I guess so. I just wonder why he didn't stop over at the Booster Booth right next to Doug. I think we could have easily improvised a cat fight over the Wonder Woman part between Liz, Steph, and Chris. Cause you know that John Whedon gut stopped by the booth to visit with them.


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