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May 17 2006

Gina Torres's "Primary" renamed by Fox. New title: "Standoff."

Just when I try not to buy into stereotypes....

That is such a typical, FOX-sounding show title.
Primary sounds a lot better.
Wow, renaming shows is a lot of fun, let's rename all of Fox's shows:

"Prison Break" is now "Bailin'"

"24" is now "Jack!"

"American Idol" is now "Fame?"

And let's call "House" something like "O/R"

Any other ideas?
24 should clearly be Tick Tock.
well that was dumb... Standoff as a title is limiting, Primary was much better since it's vague.. Primary what? Color is that a President tv show? hehe.
Don't forget "Lost" is now "Misplaced". (courtesy JW)
"MAD TV" is renamed "BAD TV".
You couldn't get a blander title than "Justice".
Did they ever try to change Firefly's name?
I think Fox wanted to change the name of Firefly to Space Cowboys, but thought people would confuse it with the movie.

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