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May 17 2006

Alan Tudyk to appear at Dragon*Con. He joins fellow castmates Adam Baldwin and Summer Glau, as well as other Whedon-alum, at this year's event in Atlanta.

I'm guessing there will be a really good chance of having a Firefly panel now. LOL

And I'm going to be there! This is great news to me,Thanks. I'll get them all to sign my comic book with their character on the cover. :D
I know...I've been planning to go since the last one ended and the line-up just keeps getting better and better. I'm still holding out for Nathan, but seeing Alan, Adam and Summer is more than reason enough to go. ;)
So frustrating. It seems like these guys are popping up everywhere and I can't see them. Well I guess I'm happy for all these lucky people who do get to go. Or bitter...yeah I'm gonna stick with bitter.
YES!!! Oh this is a wonderful way to start the work day! :-)
There seems to be a number of posters going to this event, so what we could do is have a convention report thread around that time so people can let us know what happened.
WooHoo!!! I was already excited about seeing Adam and Summer but now Alan too...I'm swooning!
I'm so excited about the lineup so far...I mean I know this far out cancellations are bound to happen, as they did with Nathan and Joss last year, but I'm still just so excited. Especially now that the reg folks there found and processed my payment!

Maybe we should organize a get-together of Whedonesque members...?
Oh. My. God. How awesome is that? He is the one cast member that I figured I would never get a chance to meet being on the east coast (Now I'm thinking that might be Gina). Wow. This DC is going to be simply amazing! I'm already excited!
Hooray! It just stinks that two other Firefly castmates are gonna be entirely elsewhere, in Toronto that weekend. It's a shame they couldnt get them all together at Dragon*Con.

But as for me... I'll be at Dragon*Con, and these are my favorite characters, Mal aside. And Nathan's not slated for either, so I can still hope and pine away, right?
I'm going if I can get Or cash. Problem is, no one will take me after I convinced them to buy early tickets by promisising Joss, Nathan, and Summer would be there last year.
This is great! I met Alan at Spamalot after the show when they sign for fans. He was the NICEST person. I can't wait for Dragon*Con. It is weird with a beard.
Very shiny.

BTW, to those that don't know, there is going to be a Browncoat floor at the Hyatt. There's a thread about that somewhere on the OB

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