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May 17 2006

Astonishing X-Men #16 cover art. This issue should be out on August 23rd.

And here's Marvel's solicitation info for that issue (in invisible text if you don't want to be spoiled).

Another great piece of art from Mr. Cassaday. Look forward to picking this up.
Looks like Kitty finally gets her little showdown with Emma.
Hope so, that's been coming since issue 1.
I am just LOVING this comic! I can't wait for the next issue!
having always wanted to have Kitty phasing out of my monitor, I "remixed" the Cassiday cover to create a desktop of her doing just that. grab it at:

...and watch your friends, like mine, disown you for geekitude of a heretofore unimagined scale.

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Whedon/Cassady has become like unto a single creative being for me. When I read either without the other, it seems... incomplete... Just a perfect match.
I am also very pleased with this series and the way it has blossomed. However, I doub't anyone would be intimidated by our little Shadowcat...especially The White Queen. If Emma Frost wanted it so, Kitty could spend the next 20 years of her life thinking she is a ferret.

I am guessing that in a very Whedonesque (yeah, I actually said it) move, Joss will pit Kitty against Emma and the rest of the Hellfire gang in a no-win situation. And she will lose. I can totally picture the last panel of the issue taking place graveside, "she saved the world alot"

I know, I know, its been done.
And she will lose. I can totally picture the last panel of the issue taking place graveside, "she saved the world alot"

But seeing as no one ever stays dead in the Marvel universe (bar one), she'll be back up on her feet in no time.
I love Kitty Pryde and I love that Cassady illustration of her. I want Whedon and Cassady to create comic books together forever!
It looks like Kitty is about to open a giant, industrial sized can of whupass! Which is just awsome. You know Whedon's fond of her, obviously, and it looks like she's going to stand in the spot light again.

I'm glad that its not Wolverine saving the day, but little Kitty Pryde.

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