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May 17 2006

Inkworks Firefly cards on sale today. Inkworks has released their set of Firefly collectible cards today. Reportedly Inkworks is already sold out (but don't panic! That just means they were all bought up by the people that you'll be buying them from, the retailers and distributors).

Gorgeous looking set. Haven't seen the autographs yet but the base set does justice to all the cast, all the shows, and provides some behind-the-scenes material.
Of the autographs, two of them (Nathan and Jonathan) were unavailable at press time so those are going out as redemption cards you mail in to get the autograph cards. Inkworks has reported that the Nathan cards are now in, and the Jonathan cards are due soon.

It doesn't look like they've posted the full list of cards yet, but if anyone gets a case of these soon and wants to send me such a list, I can put together a trading database for this new set on the BDB like I did for the Serenity cards. That is, if there's any interest in using such a thing.
mine are on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but I didnt see a Summer/River autograph card???????
There isn't. No River, no Wash. But there are cards for Saffron, Niska, and Tracey.

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