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May 17 2006

Sawyer was a vamp. Josh Holloway of "Lost" appeared in the first episode of AtS as "Good-looking Guy/Vampire". We see him in the bar in the very first scene, and then outside Angel brawls with him (and other vamps) and ultimately stakes him on top of a car. One damsel, saved.

I'm goofy for trivia like this so I just had to post -- Mods, please delete if this is deemed too tenuous!

Nah. I'm actually surprised that this has never been posted on the front page before.
See...I just knew Sawyer was the Spike of the island.....
that must be why he grabbed my attention from the very beginning...heee!!!!!
Does anyone else find it ironic he's "in negotiations" to star in a movie titled "Skinner Box"?
I was watching that episode a few weeks ago and actually recognized his voice before I recognized his face.... and had to rush to IMDB to confirm. Had a good laugh about it. :)
Hey, cool.

Anyone else hear he turned down Gambit in X3 because it was too much like Sawyer? Interesting Guy.
Anyone have screencaps of said scene?
This was posted a while ago...I'm sure. Have I gone mad?
Gaaah. Seeing him as Gambit would have been so awesome. But I think I sort of understand why he'd turn it down.

I'm gonna hafta watch the episode again though.
Wow, I thought this had been said before here somewhere. I'm sure I learned this here months ago. (Maybe I read it on flickr somewhere in early Lost discussions.) Anyway, you can tell which vamp he is by his dimples, as well as his voice. And I heard a commercial yesterday in which I'm pretty sure he does the voiceover. I cannot remember anything more than it is an alcoholic beverage, and I think there was a martini glass in the visuals (sorry, I don't pay much attention to commercials; I just recognized his voice). Perhaps somebody else saw it?

And, war_machine, I find that very ironic!
Thanks, JusticeDemon!
Yeah, I have seen this before, but I think it was on
I remember when I watched that episode for the first time after watching Lost and I recognised him.

There's a few Lost people to have appeared in Angel.
Holy crap, never heard the rumor of him as Gambit. That would have been amazing.
Good eye melanie! Nice going!
Wow, he's the perfect person to play Gambit... and as a huge Rogue-Gambit fan I didn't think I'd ever think someone worked for the part. And now it's crushed. Between that and Everwood this is turning out to be a tough week.
When Bernard first met Jin I yelled at the telly "Holland and Gavin! It's Holland and Gavin!!!" :0)
This isn't related to the main article, but it is to some of the X-men related comments - According to IMDB, summer Glau auditioned for the role of Kitty.
This is so funny...I got an email from a friend I recently introduced to Buffy, and she just yesterday started on Angel. Here was her initial response:

Watched episode one of "Angel" today at lunch...good stuff! Really good! And the dude who plays Sawyer on "Lost" was the first vampire he fought in the opening scene before the credits. Rock and roll!

(She lives near work and goes home for lunch, in case anybody was wondering. Was how she ripped through Buffy--2 episodes before work, one at lunch and a couple in the evening.)

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"This isn't related to the main article, but it is to some of the X-men related comments - According to IMDB, summer Glau auditioned for the role of Kitty."

Yep. Joss posted about it on last summer. I like the actress that they picked though based on screen caps and trailer clips.
Nah. I'm actually surprised that this has never been posted on the front page before.

Um... well, except by me. But that's cool... play on playas. ;)
I notice that a few weeks back, figured it had been mentioned.

Here is another one:
Opening scene Angel Season 5 #1 , check out the W&H lawyer. It's J. Thyne who is Dr. Jack Hodgins on David's "Bones".
Has he confirmed the Gambit rumour himself? Becasue the only confirmation that he was going to be in X3 was a 'leaked script' long before the real script was finished.

The writer and director are both adamant that Gambit was not going to be in the film.
Josh Holloway turning down Gambit, because it's too much like Sawyer, makes me gain an inordinate amount of respect for him--how many other actors are that dedicated to keeping their careers from getting dull, to turn down a gig like that? Of course, it bothers me because he would have made a wicked Gambit--but there's always (?) X4. (Plus, there's always James, right? Right.)

(This is if that statement is true, naturally.)
Quasi-on-topic, Evangeline Lily (Kate) had a bit, non-speaking part as a villian's girlfriend on an episode of Smallville.

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Lost has Buffy writers, not surprising they would also have some actors from Buffy and Angel in the series. It's all about talent.
Lost is the best thing since Buffy, imo.
I've never heard the Gambit thing as anything but a fanboy rumor.
I'm so glad someone else noticed this. If I wasn't so afraid of posting it incorrectly and incurring the wrath of the mods I would've done it myself. No offense, but Simon scares the pants off me. Good deal!
Hee! Skeezycheeses, I can relate. In fact, I've almost sworn off posting here again as a result of all the "I know I've seen that before" comments (even though I diligently searched the archives before posting and --relief!-- got Simon's blessing after doing so.) Takes the wind out of one's sail a bit.
Anyone mention that Alex on Lost is a former Slayer in Training?
No offense, but Simon scares the pants off me.

None taken.

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