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"Who is this? Who is this? I came to fight the vampire with a soul. Guess you shouldn't have sold it, huh?"
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May 17 2006

MySpace Makes Room for "24" (Joss & other goodies mentioned). Though I do have a myspace account, I'm not an avid user of that site. I did, however, come across this tidbit of news while looking at the E! site today.

Looks like registered users of MySpace may get the opportunity to explore the Universe According to Joss. "Fox also took a bite out of Apple's iTunes Music Store last week, delivering 16 series to the digital content site's catalog, including 24, Prison Break and The Shield. The new offerings also include goodies from 20th Century Fox Television's library such as the late Joss Whedon shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly." Go about half way down in the article.

"The late Joss Whedon" - is there something we should know?

I bought and downloaded S1 eps Welcome to the Hellmouth and Angel (despite having them on DVD) from iTunes for the sheer pleasure and distractibility of having them on my iPod, ready to wield at unsuspecting victims converts . . .
Duh, he's a freaking vamp.
"The late Joss Whedon" - is there something we should know?

That was my thought when I first read this. I would imagine people who do not keep up on Joss-news will think that it is Joss who has gone to the great beyond rather than BtVS and Firefly. Should we look for news of his demise elsewnere on the internet shortly?

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Well, technically, if it was to mean that Joss was dead, I think it would say "the late Joss Whedon's shows" (with the 's after his name).
Has anyone noticed (David Fury's?) use of Whedon show crew names as random mentions on 24?
Audrey introduced herself over the phone as Jane Espenson to Robo-cop's secretary, and now the new contact for Bierko is Joseph Molina (I think I recognize that name too - I've seen it enough in the credits of ...i think, "Firefly" -although it may have been Josť Molina, the Spanish version of Joseph).
Has anyone heard any others?

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