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March 27 2003

"Should I send the coach for Dr. Gull?" From this throwaway line in a "Lies" flashback, it sounds like William the Bloody's family doctor was a bit bloodthirsty himself.

That was indeed a nice little FROM HELL reference. Although, to be fair, we have to remember that Dr Gull was an actual human being before he became a Ripper suspect and fictional character.

OT: did you know he was the guy who first coined "anorexia nervosa"? Another link to Buffy!

Okay, you can flame me now. :-)
I don't think it was a FROM HELL reference in the show, after all Gull *was* a Jack the Ripper suspect prior to being fictionalized as such in FROM HELL. The link radosh provided is to information about the actual guy, not the FROM HELL character.

I tend to think the mention in BtVS was more of an allusion for people in the know and also called to mind the present-day Ripper: Rupert Giles! (Who turned on Spike in this ep!)
No flames for Vamp_Insurance. You speak the truth.

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