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May 18 2006

(SPOILER) Amy Acker talks Alias. Another convention report from SyFy Portal, this time round she chats about her character Peyton. There's some lovely anecdotes about being told "try and be like Fred in this part" for one particular Alias episode and her audition process as well.

Amy Acker is awesome!

...but we all already knew that :) Good interview.

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Ya Acker rules I kinda would of liked to see her as Nadia but I prefer her evil in this show.
It must've been really funny to get into an audtioin in her Illyria costume.

Acker rocks.
Oh, that's great she got so far auditioning with the role of Nadia... she must've been shattered to just miss out

But the role of Kelly has been fun... and hopefully after the birth of her second child she'll be back doing some more great work!
I'm really hoping Ron's show doesn't get picked up and a spinoff happens. That would be so cool. And yay for Amy, she has been awesome. :)
Awesome Amy indeed. To bad the spin-off doesn't seem likely anymore :(

Doesn't Amy remember Wes? He used to shoot people quite a lot on Angel.
Ron Rifkin's pilot, "Brothers and Sisters," in fact HAS been picked up. So i guess that means definitely no spin-off.
She's so good as Kelly. I would like to see her just a tad less evil though. Evil characters always seem to be more interesting when the have just a touch of good in them (Sloane, Spike, Lilah) IMO.
well, that's too bad (about Ron's pilot). I would have loved to see that universe continue, especially if it centered around Sark, Sloane, and Kelly.

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