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May 18 2006

Want to know more about the Spike: Aslyum comic book? Well the writer Brian Lynch fills in some of the details. Jay and Silent Bob fans may be in for a disappointment. Marvel and DC followers might be amused by his Buffyverse spoofs of Civil War and Infinite Crisis in his subsequent blog entry.

Tries to imagine Jay and Silent Bob hanging out in Wolfram and Hart. Tries to imagine Jay and Silent Bob as Spike and Angel hanging out in Wolfram and Hart *dies*.

"Kristy Swanson and Luke Perry, from "Earth-Prime" Buffyverse, break through to Sarah Michelle Gellar's "Earth-Actually Good" Buffyverse and take steps to make "Earth Prime" the one and only universe. Buffy, Angel and Spike, not really getting along, rally a band of characters from all the seasons and fight them. Oddly enough, only lame, secondary characters get killed. Your Loan Shark that is really a shark, your Kitty Fantastico."

That might actually the best explanation of Infinite Crisis for people who don't know DC continuity that I've heard, ever.
Yep, Dan "Crisis Counselling" Didio could definitely take a leaf out of Lynch's book ;). Those blog entries bode very well cos, though I haven't read any of his stuff, for me humour is a really big part of Spike and Lynch seems to have that nailed.

Also, now that he's planted the seed, how badly do I want a Buffy/Ghostbusters cross-over ? Worse than I wanted Hoth Han-Solo when I was 8 and Gamleys had run out. Willow/Egon geeking out over why you shouldn't cross the streams, Ray/Xander comparing comics collections, Venkman sneering at Buffy only to have his arse handed to him ... the possibilities are, well, impossible cos it'd never happen but still, it'd be cool ;).
Humor and Snark are both key elements to who Spike is, imo.
Hey...I am all for whoever wants to write Spike comics.
I for one have bought them all, and will continue to do so. Every one of them has been very good, and they just keep getting better IMHO. And the art work is excellent.
Spike is such a rich character...I'm not surprised so many writers want to explore him.
This series though...looks like it has a lot of I will be ready to order when it is offered....
Buffy? Ghostbusters? Jay as a male Slayer? Awesome.
"First and foremost, Spike has always been a favorite. The fact that he was introduced as a villain, and did (understatement about to happen) horrible things, but then became one of the biggest heroes on each series in a totally believable manner, shows you how talented the ANGEL and BUFFY writers are, and how great Marsters is."

I love him. I want to marry him and have his babies. I'm not kidding. :0)

Looking forward to this comic. If his humour and love of the character translates over to the comic I'll be very happy.
Amen Lynnie...its so refreshing to see comments like this...Spike made the most incredible transformation as a character and thats why I've always wanted to see more of his story unfold.

Glad to see a writer who wants that too, instead of just rehashing the past or living in the days of 'evil' Spike.

Don't get me wrong...Bad Ass Spike is very very cool, but I like to see him moving forward in his 'hero' status.

Looking forward to this comic too...I really am!
Hey guys, it's Brian Lynch, the writer of SPIKE: ASYLUM. Your kind words really mean a lot to me, thanks so much. I promise I will not dissapoint. And if I do, I will change my internet name and go into cyber-hiding.

I think anyone a fan of Spike's moving forward into his "hero status" will dig this book bigtime. I think good ole William's gonna find out it ain't an easy road.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
Bless your soul and Spike's too Brian !!!!!
Any fan of Spike is a friend of mine. I truly can NOT wait to see this comic. Hey...I know I am jumping way far ahead, but any chance you will do MORE Spike if the chance arises????

I think you can see that there will be a lot of Spike fans eager for all they can get....
Thanks for stopping by, Brian Lynch. (I do love the way people show up at Whedonesque.) Your take on Spike does sound promising. With all the fun-sounding stuff about the various Spike comics I have been hearing, I may have to finally get some comic books.

As much as I am not a crossover fan, the idea of Ghostbusters in the Buffyverse made me smile a silly grin.
I would love to work on Spike for a long time. He's a ball to write.

And any fan of GHOSTBUSTERS should read SPIKE: ASYLUM #3 verrrrrrry carefully. All I'm sayin'.
Well Brian...if you ever get the OK to do post NFA stories that tie into Joss's Season 8 Buffy ones, you may just be our salvation....
Yay! I already saw and really liked the art associated with Spike:Asylum and now the author seems to get Spike and have a sense of humor to boot.

Makes me happy!
Hey Brian Lynch, another Spike fan reporting for duty.
I really can't wait to start reading your series and i'm looking forward to the artwork. IDW is doing great things with their Spike license.
I find Spike's journey so intresting and can't wait to see what my favorite vampire with a soul is up to.
Can't wait for more Spike. I have all the Spike comics to date. Peter David has done a wonderful job writing them so far.

Brian - the standard has been set, your mission is to exceed the exisiting quality and "Wow" us!
Looking forward to this one as well. The cover looks very intriguing indeed, and I so I hope the story lives up to my expectations. 'Bonkers Spike' was always a fav of mine in season seven.
Brian, thanks for stopping by.

I hope you get to write lots of post-NFA Spike comics.

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