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May 18 2006

"Into The West" marathon to air on TNT on May 29 (Memorial Day). The entire mini-series will air from 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. (eastern time).

Alan Tudyk and Christian Kane are in this show, so set your dvrs/vcrs.

I heard it wasn't that good but I haven't seen it. Any takers?
I really liked the first half, but it did get a little less interesting in the final few episodes. Still, it had a major impact on me just watching the struggle of these people. And lots of great actors have cameos.
I agree. The first half was very good, but imo the second half was somewhat lackluster.
Alan Tudyk is only in the first twenty minutes of the first episode, so if anyone wants to watch it just for him, keep that in mind. He only has about three lines total. Christian Kane has a much bigger part (technically his character is Alan's character's nephew but they don't meet) later on in the series. I personally never got all the way through it. As Spielberg miniseries go, I liked Taken more.
I missed it the first time, that's why I was so excited about the marathon. I can't afford to shell out for the box set right now and I really wanted to see it. I'm gonna Tivo the whole thing and then break it up for watching.
I really tried to get into Taken but I just couldn't bring myself to watch it. Thought it was too mawkish and soap operish (which technically is not a word). Which is a shame really caused Band of Brothers wowed me beyond belief.

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