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May 18 2006

Fox unveils its schedule for 2006-2007 season. Shows with some relation to Whedon cast and crew include: Standoff, Prison Break, Bones, 24.

Does anyone roughly know when we'll hear if Drive gets picked up or not?
Well, if we check The Futon Critic update on Fox's "Other Pilots", it indicates that the information available, which was last updated in late march, a Pilot Order, and a slate for 2007 mid-season.
Hopefully, FOX will still announce clearer information on their Mid-Season, soon.
We should hear in August whether Drive is a go or not.

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Bones to Friday in January...I don't like that!
Whose connected to Prison Break?
Marti Noxon and Wentworth Miller both connect Prison Break to Buffy, Jona, although the link is just a little tenuous in both cases.
Though Marti has moved on now to Brothers & Sisters, a new drama elsewhere

I hope Drive gets picked up... but Tim's mid-season resume hasn't had the best luck :(
Fair. Is it a good show? It looks kind of ridiculous.
I'm personally aching for the CW line-up...rumored to be released today as well?
Do you mean 'Prison Break' Jona ? From what i've seen it's a good show and kind of ridiculous ;).

And do people really say 'eventize' in the actual world (not just within the pages of the 'One Minute MBA' or whatever) ? Consider my mind boggled (i'm definitely incentivized to learn more, maybe I should actionize that ASAP ;).

(looking forward to 'Standoff' - which means I give it 5 episodes before cancellation ;) - despite the, IMO, ill advised name change and though i'm not a fan of 'reality' TV, 'On the Lot' sounds like it might be worth a look. Also extremely glad 'House' is back although there couldn't have been much doubt it would be)
Did anybody here watch the Bones finale last night?I did and think they have one hell of a setup for a season 2 arc now.

I really think the show has found its footing now.
Not to mention House, which guest-starred more Whedonverse alumni than you could shake a stick at.
I really hope they don't move Bones to Friday in January. I kind of doubt they'll follow through with that. I bet it all depends on how "Justice" pans out.
What's this about Bones moving to Fridays in January??
Fox going to be the Big Bad again? This is not good.
It pains my heart to see The O.C. there and Arrested Development not.

Just like Firefly, I doubt that's a cancellation I'll ever get over.
UnpluggedCrazy, as much as I agree with you about Arrested Development, I also think getting 3 years on FOX and doing edgy comedy in a unique style is a giant success story. I will miss AD, but I'll also remember it as having three perfect years that were wrapped up nicely. No dip in quality, no desperate grabs for ratings (except in a self-referential kind of way), no change to the aesthetic to bring in more viewers. That's far better treatment than most FOX shows get.
I agree, Keith G, but the fact that it remained as long as it did gave me false hope that it would stay on even longer.

And still...The O.C.?!
I watched the Bones finale. It was awesome. Agreed that it set up next season perfectly.
I agree, Keith G, but the fact that [Arrested Development] remained as long as it did gave me false hope that it would stay on even longer.

And still...The O.C.?!

Word, my twin UnpluggedCrazy, word. :-(

On a brighter note, I saw elsewhere on the 'net that Gina's Standoff will be on the same night as House (and, BTW, she plays the boss of the hostage negotiator group -- she gets her own ship at last, yo!). Sounds like a potentially rockin' duo, ratings-wise! *hopes* ;-)
Sounds nice, billz.

Now, if we can just get Standoff to destroy House's ratings, effectively ridding us of THAT program...

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