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May 18 2006

Serenity DVD Japanese Edition. Japanese DVD of Serenity released on 11th August. As I don't think it got a theatrical release in Japan or Korea, this might be the first best chance for people based over in those countries to get to see it.

Limited details on features here, but I'd presume it's the US edition (or possibly the UK edition), with optional Japanese soundtrack and optional Korean and Japanese subs.

Had a look and couldn't see this being posted before, but if it has been - mods, feel free to delete, of course.

Damn no cover. I was curious to see what the Japanese cover art would be like. Good find btw.
Maybe it will have art later. I was tipped off - can't claim all the credit.
Yeah, I was hoping there would be art as well.

Well, it's just too bad that Universal didn't give the movie a chance to be released in Japan. I think it may have done well over there.
I also think it would have done well in Japan.

Too bad they call Joss "John" and use "we" (weh) instead of "wi" (wee) for Whedon. Interestingly, "Mal" comes out, correctly, as "Maru"--which also means "zero."

The full Japanese movie description is roughly thus (the choppy style is typical of Japanese movie descriptions):

American popular cult-TV show "Firefly" movie version! In America opened at #2! Super-exciting science-fiction action-adventure "Serenity" has come to DVD! 500 years in the future. The "Alliance" is incorporating the lawless region of space, in the midst of battling the cannibal-tribe "Reavers," and the "weapon" the Alliance developed has held the key to victory or defeat. Mal and his pals scurry about the universe in the spaceship Serenity doing even pirate-like things as a "space jack-of-all-trades business." A girl that Mal encounters is the Alliance’s "ultimate weapon".... The writer-director is John Weddon of the very popular "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" ["Holy Girl Buffy"--full title: "Vampire Killer/Holy Girl Buffy"].

Extras: Deleted scenes, outtakes, Future History: The Story of Earth That Was [Future Story: "Former Earth"], behind the scenes, Re-lighting the Firefly [revival of "Firefly"], Director John Weddon’s introduction, creators' thoughts, writer-director John Weddon feature audio-commentary

Year of Production

Time: 119 minutes
Recording Format: Single-sided, dual layer
Size: 16:9 Letter-Boxed "Cinemascope"
Region: 2
Encoding: MPEG-2
Subtitles: English, Japanese, Korean
Audio Tracks: English 5.1, Japanese 5.1

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Ah - it didn't occur to me to check the Japanese page for more details (it was late last night here when I was posting....).

Has the Chinese DVD been mentioned anywhere here? That's been out since March, and there is cover art for that - see here for details. I wonder how they handle the film's use of Chinese in their Mandarin dub. Might almost be worth buying it just to find out...
Ah, interesting Ying. I had always assumed that 'maru' just meant ship or something similar (like the UK's H.M.S prefix) ever since Wrath of Khan's 'Kobayashi Maru' but your comment prompted me to find out more and it turns out it apparently means something like purity or perfection or round/circular (and hence, as you say, 'zero') and is part of the ship's name to kind of say 'may she always return safe'. Yay for new knowledge (knewledge ? ;).

I also think, BTW, that Serenity would've done well in Japan what with River's young-woman-ninja-bad-assedness and the general mix of high and low tech, science and the supernatural-ish (psychic powers). Real pity it didn't get a release.

(nice find Kiddo and tipper-offer, obscure in just the right way)
I love reading translated Japanese :)
It would be cool if in the Mandarin dubbing the cursing would be in English ...
From someone who lived in Japan for two years, I thought Serenity could do quite well there. If promoted in the slightest, DVD rentals/sales could be very good. They like:

girl power
goofy humor
scary stuff

How could Serenity NOT do well there? Oh yeah. They also like star power... but many British and other European imports that are not popular in the US do well there, too. Case in point: The Professional. Wildly popular there. It barely made a blip on US radars. They'll love River.

wcipAngel, I have a collection of Japanese/English translations. Collecting items for it was one of my hobbies. It was very entertaining.

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Do you suppose that Holy Girl Buffy is the equivalent to "The Chosen One"?
It had not occured to me before, but Summer Glau looks like a Japanese a good way, of course.
Hey if they had terraforming technology in Firefly, why didn't they use it on the Earth that Was? (Question brought up elsewhere).
Woah, interesting question Simon. Maybe it went all Krypton-y and exploded?

...Or not.

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I made a few changes to the translation (it's now the Legend of St. Jayne).

I see from Kiddo's link that the PRC is using the same title as Taiwan (but with simplified characters): Rush Out, Serenity [the ship] [Chong1chu1 Ning2jing4-hao4].

Saje- Interesting. I didn't mention ship's name suffix "-maru" ("round, circle" and the "zero" of 101 as One-Oh-One [ichi maru ichi] because they use "-gou" [and Mandarin "-hao4"] for our ship. But I should have mentioned that although "Mal, bad. In the Latin," "maru" is "correct answer" on a test or the right way to do something ["you're backing up straight"] as opposed to X ("batsu"). People make circles or X's with their fingers (or arms if far away).

newcj- When the show was starting to be shown overseas, I thought that it should be shown in Japan because River is very anime-like: with her big eyes; long hair; long, thin legs; troubled past; and of course the superpowers! Plus, Buffy seems to be fairly popular over there on Fox cable and probably on DVD.
They didn't terraform Earth that Was because they didn't have the ingredients anymore. I would imagine that the oil, the metals, were all used up. That the good soil had dried up and blown away.
Like Lioness said, it's not about fixing the Earth, but the the fact "we were so many" and planet wasn't able to sustain us all even if we did.
"Hey if they had terraforming technology in Firefly, why didn't they use it on the Earth that Was? (Question brought up elsewhere)."

If I remember correctly, and chances of that are slim, I have been drinking, didn't they mess up Earth to a point of non-repair and then emigrate in their space ships. And then find the technology? Or maybe not, but I get the feeling Earth was unrepairable. Think Joss was trying to cause a moral panic.
Any word on the seiyuu for the dub? I'd love to see who was cast as the crew, and if there are any names I recognize from the seiyuu world. :D
I'd thought they developed the terraforming technologies after leaving Earth That Was, once they were too far from Earth That Was to go back and fix it. There's also another theory I've toyed with. Earth That Was wasn't really decimated. The human arks that left were not light speed. Took at least two or three generations to get wherever they ended up, and the grandparents told their grandchildren that Earth That Was wasn't worth going back to. But I'd hoped someday Whedon woulda gotten around to doing a plotline that made the Firefly crew have to go back to Earth That Was for some reason. That they literally had nowhere else to go, and when they arrived they'd find it wasn't so much that it was decimated. There was still life on Earth.

It's kinda like Europe and The New World back several hundred years ago. The people who had left Earth five hundred years before had been persecuted, or exiled, or they just chose to seek a new life for their families on a spinning rock that wasn't quite as populated. Others stayed behind, either cuz they couldn't afford to leave Earth, or they were too afraid, or thought it was a stupid idea to go populate the galaxy in the first place. Or some just had more reason to stay on Earth than to leave. Or some felt Earth was worth saving, and focused on scientific technologies to clean up Earth as opposed to just leaving it dirty and rushing off to dirty up some place else. All these billions of people who remained woulda had mixed success with their endeavors. There woulda been more wars, probably some plagues, and the Old Earth that our Firefly crew might come across some five hundred years later probably wouldn't look like much, but it might still be hospitable. Depends on how many humans left behind had successfully killed one another, allowing Mother Nature to take over and clean things up on her own.

At any rate, I never believed the tv series' rhetoric that just dismissed returning to Earth That Was out of hand. I believe that's what most people in Joss Whedon's future believed, but only because it'd be too much of an effort to go back, and be too much like crawling back into the ocean after evolving into tree climbing monkeys. There IS a story there though. Perhaps an entire season. Woulda been an interesting way to end a tv series that had lasted seven to ten years. Let the Firefly crew, who couldn't find a place to call home between the core and the rim, to finally find their own little scrap of nothing on the one place in the Universe none of their contemporaries would bother trying to populate.

And maybe they'd find that Earth That Was HAD been vacated. That all the humans who didn't die managed to participate in the mass exodus, leaving Earth That Was uninhabited by human beings for a couple hundred years. Would that have been enough time for her to clean herself up? So that roughly a dozen or so humans could start living there again in a new Eden-like paradise? Guess we'll never know. Woulda been fun to find out though.

I miss Firefly. =(

As for Firefly doing well in Asia? Let's just step in their shoes here for a minute.

One thing that always bugged me about Firefly/Serenity.. Where are the asian descendants? It's plain that asian culture has a strong influence on Whedon's future landscape. However, there's few if any asian people. It's as if they didn't make it in to space hardly at all. The name TAM is a distinctively asian name. However, caucasians play members of the family. Except for an extra in the episode BushWhacked, I don't recall ever seeing any asians in the show at all.

If you saw a tv show about your future where your culture appeared in the background and dialogue, but you didn't actually see any of your kind, as if your kind were extinct in your future, would YOU welcome it with open arms? With all due respect, I'd be major offended and want to boycott it. Just, y'know, stepping in their shoes for a minute.
There's an asian in the episode "Serenity", as they come to land at Evesdown Docks. There are others, too, but they're background extras. (Maybe Asian Dan appears?).

But, yeah, you have a point ZachsMind.

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