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May 18 2006

Judd Winick mentions Joss as he discusses his new 'Trials of Shazam' series. He describes it as, "A little bit of Hellboy, a little bit of Joss Whedon, a lot of Neil Gaiman, the cleanest version of Garth Ennis' magic stuff."

I've never been too big on DC books except for the Batman stuff, but this does sound really interesting, and the Joss inspiration sounds good to me.

Those are some bold, BOLD statements. Mignola, Ennis, Whedon AND Gaiman?!? I'll believe it when I see it. Nothing against Winick, he's a decent enough writer for what he does... but at least two of those names are modern day literary GODS as far as I'm concerned, so he's got his work cut out for him.
Well, reading the article, he seems to care a lot about the character, and I'm willing to give it a shot, especially since it's being previewed in the upcoming $1.00 Brave New World one-shot.

As for whether or not it's gonna top those names...most likely not.

But, Haunt, have you read Winick's Pedro and Me? That's one of the greatest graphic novels I have ever had the pleasure of reading.
Yeah, that's some lofy aims. Nigh impossible to live up to them, I'm sure, but I'll at least give him a shot at it.
It... seems more like he's saying it'll be influenced by them, or be similar to them in ways. Like a recipe. Not that he's better than them.
"Those are some bold, BOLD statements. Mignola, Ennis, Whedon AND Gaiman?!?"

Haunt, for the record, he was saying that whose work he's basing the structure of how magic works on. Not that he'll be as good as them, which I doubt he will. I just hope the Shazam book is coordinated well with The Shadowpact--which was pitched as redefining magic for the DCU before this book was announced.
And it allows us to bring back magic into the DCU in the least antiquated way possible. A little bit of Hellboy, a little bit of Joss Whedon, a lot of Neil Gaiman, the cleanest version of Garth Ennis’ magic stuff.

(my emphasis)

He's not comparing himself to those guys, he's comparing his apporach to magic to those guys' approaches. Seems like he's going to be aiming for a slightly more down to Earth feel, less pompous incantation and flowing robes and more control of a natural force without too much falderal. Sounds good to me, BTW.

Not read 'Pedro and Me' but I thought some of Winnick's Batman stuff was pretty good (and on a bit of a tangent, though it was the only one I watched, when I saw him in 'The Real World' he was the only housemate I had any time for). Might give this a chance even though Captain Marvel has never interested me.
I realize he wasn't directly comparing himself to any of those writers. I've got no problem with ol' Judd, as I said (and like Saje, he was the only housemate on that season of Real World that I really cared about [besides Pedro of course]). Mostly I just was taking the easy opportunity to praise the four writers he named... it wasn't meant to sound quite so much like a slam of Winick himself.

I've never read Pedro & Me, though it's really exactly the kind of thing I normally WOULD read. I've read some of his Batman work, as well as a little Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Outsiders... not a lot, but enough that I feel comfortable saying he's a decent writer. I'm not the biggest mainstream DC fan (Vertigo is my master now), and don't really give a wet slap about Captain Marvel. But just the same I may check out the first issue or two of this, if only to see what influence Gaiman and Joss have had on him.
Green Lantern would be Geoff Johns, actually (who I far prefer, as far as DCU writers go). :-)

I've never seen Pedro & Me in a store either, so I haven't read it, but I *can* recommend Winick's The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius--it's funny, crude, and occasionally strangely touching. But mostly crude.

And speaking of DC Comics--I just noticed that the recently sollicited Identity Crisis TP will have a Joss intro. Don't recall if that was mentioned here when it came out in HC.
Don't think it was, Telltale. Thanks for the tip.

Gotta admit I arched my eyebrow (in the "that sounds interesting" way) when I read he wanted some Whedon flavor to his Captain Marvel (Do we really have call him "Shazam" in conversation?). And I'm just intrigued by the idea of updating this guy. 'Cause it's a real challenge to make him relevant to modern continuity and still be true to the character.

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