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May 19 2006

Astonishing X-Men Hardcover Vol. 1 review. "A remarkable and monumental title that stands above anything X-related in the past 20 years" according to the reviewer at

New readers who have never read X-Men would be wise to try this title.

That's the joy of the series, it's very accessible and you don't have to know much about the intricate backstory of the X-Men.

I am just reading this for the first time, with no back knowledge and yes, I'm understanding most of it. Ord, curiously enough, looks like an alien version of Luke - the Master's chief vampire. I think it is his eyes.
That's actually true, and when you think about it, that fact won't usually hold true for some of the other X-Books out there. Like, if you're reading Uncanny, it would help to know about Rachel Grey's history and stuff - it's more mired on continuity than AXM is. Astonishing really is astonishing awesome.
One of the things I like best about AXM is that Joss has actually crammed it full of continuity, both recent (Morisson) and classic (Claremont)--he just does it in a way that's not confusing for the new reader. For years, 'continuity' has been considered a dirty word by some, synonymous with inpenetrable storytelling. Trust Joss to show it's just something you use to make your story even better.

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