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May 19 2006

A pic of the Nebula Award that Joss won for his Serenity script. Before it was delivered to Joss, the award was being guarded by Puppet Angel.

Whedonesque got the following email from one of the guys from the Nebulas.

I got word today that the Nebula Award for Serenity is now in Joss's possession. I probably should have taken a award only picture of it so people could see it more clearly However, it was protected while sitting in my house before I packed it up and shipped it to him.


Here's some more information about the award and how things went down that might answer some of the questions fans have about it.

SFWA members make recommendations for the various awards throughout the year. Once a piece received ten nominations, it goes on the preliminary ballot which is released in January. The recommendation period lasts for a year from release. At the end of December, only Serenity and The Old Negro Space Program had enough recommendations to make the preliminary ballot. SFWA members then vote on the preliminary ballot to determine the top five entries in a category for the final ballot. Movies such as Sky Captain from 2005 never got enough recommendations to make the preliminary ballot, while something like Batman Begins did not gain enough recommendations by the end of the year, but has since gotten enough recommendations to get it on the ballot for next year. Serenity garnered enough recommendations since it debuted to make the ballot by the end of the year.


There are also Juries for the awards that can elect to add a work they consider is worthy to the ballot. This year the jury decided on the Battlestar Galactica scripts. With the strong support shown already for Serenity by SFWA members, it ended up winning the award over the Galactica scripts.

Two of the nominated Galactica writers, David Weddle and Bradley Thompson, were on hand for the awards ceremony. They were excited about being nominated and I was glad to see them on hand. Whedon early on indicated he wasn't planning on attending and subsequent attempts to reach him for an acceptance speech via Universal publicity and his agency were not successful. I did ship the award to Whedon via his agent and have been told he now has it in his possession.

I fear puppet angel.
Me too. Look at the defensive wounds he got while trying to protect the award. Fearsome puppet, people.
Woo, go Puppet Angel!

...Even though he doesn't really look like Puppet Angel. He's still one bad mofo, y'all!
He's only a "wee little puppet man", folks, buck up.

('wee little' ? I reckon that line came from the department of redundancy department ;)

It was actually one of the cooler aspects of 'Smile Time' that puppet Angel still managed to be a bit intimidating. Wouldn't like to meet him down any dark alleys, that's for sure (especially if I had Nebula thievery in mind ;).
I'm sorry that Joss gave no accptance speech but glad to see his award was so well protected.
scroll down on that article and we see a note about Jewel returning to Space Cases--------any one hear about this before now

Space Cases: The Next Generation Nickelodeon announced as part of their cable upfront
this week that they have signed up Jewel Staite (Kaylee on Firefly/Serenity) to
lead a new series to follow on from the 1996 TV series, Space Cases, which starred
a 14 year old Staite as a member of the crew of an alien ship. In this updated version,
Staite returns from the other dimension ten years later to find her crewmates still
on the ship and in the midst of an ongoing war with the evil Straczyn. Co-Creators
Bill Mumy and Peter David are also back on board.
Scroll down on that article and look at the date where the Jewel news is :).

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