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May 19 2006

Beckinsale Doesn't Have Right Undies To Play Wonder Woman. Most pushed-around name for the part says she wouldn't take it, even if it really was offered to her.

We can rule her out.

Dude, I was just about to text her congratulations. Thank god I avoided THAT embarrasment!
I am getting so sick of the speculation and rumors.
I so hope they pick a complete unknown.
So you're the reason she changed her number. Damn you gossi, do you know how many shredded phone-bills I had to go through before I found her new one ? Ah, umm, none, obviously. That'd be both illegal and creepy ;-).

(poor Joss, from what i've read he was going to cast her because he wanted to bag ... err, for his own personal reasons. Never gonna happen now though ;).
Dude, Joss totally has to wait in line.

If there's one thing I'd never like to see again, it's Wonder Woman casting speculation. I mean, casting hasn't even BEGUN yet. The studio hasn't even seen the script.
Ah, yes, casting speculation, glad you brought that up. So tell me, who does everyone think should play Wonder Woman ?

* ducks for cover *
Adam Baldwin - cause he is just to damn pretty not to be an amazon and he's got the height and the boobs can always be faked.

Or Sean Maher - he may lack in height but he's got the smile and again boobs can be faked.

[ edited by RavenU on 2006-05-19 17:23 ]

Why were we ever talking about this?
Oh, please, we all know Nathan Fillion's a lock for the role! He's perfect!!
Lovely actress. Too skinny for this role. Wouldn't want to take anything away from her hard-earned sci-fi cred from Underworld either, heh.
Nathan as Wonder Woman, for me, I guess it really depends on whether or not he's going to wear his pretty flowered bonnet or not.
Although Nathan would be PERFECT, I am still holding my breath that Joss takes a hard look at Evangeline Lilly (Kate on "Lost").
I'm so glad she doesn't want it. I mean what is this "I don't have the right underwear"? Its not about the underwear, it's about the bracelets. And if she doesn't know that already, clearly she is not the right one for the role.
Good. She's not good enough for a Joss movie.

I kind of like the idea of Evangeline Lilly ('cause she's Canadian ), I'm not sure she has the stage presence to pull off a superhero. And she'd definitely have to bulk up a bit. Wonder Woman isn't petite.

EDIT: Don't worry, that was not speculation, that was commentary.

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Bracelets Schmacelets. It's all about the lasso of truth.
Ian Sommerhalder...he's prettier than Kate
And here I thought it was all about the boots.

Cause we all know Joss has a thing for filming the feet.

[ edited by RavenU on 2006-05-19 19:54 ]
Evi's pretty cut already and she's definately other-worldly gorgeous enough. She also isn't a huge star yet, but with "Lost" she does have a name already - which I'm sure the studios would enjoy. But most importantly, she WANTS the role.
Oh, thank God.

*turns head to sky*

THANK YOU, OH KIND MERCIFUL LORD! Wait...wait...what's that? They're making another Underworld movie?! Dude, you didn't like do this as consolation, did you? Jeez, I know they're all your children, but come ON...
As long as Ernest Borgnine is alive, the part belongs to him.

Him, or Gretchen Mol.
So you think Woody Allen is too old, then?
Yes, this topic has been beaten to death, but I can never pass up an opportunity to add my chorus of MORENA MORENA MORENA MORENA MORENA.

Because now Joss will log on, see my comment, and instantly realize this whole "casting process" thing is useless! And I will have changed movie history.
Didn't mean to cause a ruckus, just passing along some "good" "news." At least that door's still open for somone worthy.
Doesn't believe in Nylon? Tsk tsk. But it's all good. Can't have her steal Morenas part ;)
I like her just fine. Think she's a good actress. But who thought she was right for the part in the first place?

It's not about the lasso or the bracelets or the bullets or the boots. It's about the tiara.
I still think Gina Torres was made for the role.

But if not her, I want to nominate Alex Rice, who played Deanna Littlefoot in Totem Mole, the penultimate episode of Wonderfalls. She is beautiful, has the physique for a superhero (check out the gym scene in Totem Mole), and is able to exude that sense of power that you'd expect of a woman of Amazon royalty with powers from the gods. And, I think she's pretty unknown.

It's not about the lasso or the bracelets or the bullets or the boots. It's about the tiara.

You mean it's not about the eagle across the boobs?!
I'm still with The Boss on this one: Morgan Freeman would be perfect!
Taylor Cole! She's an athlete(competed in the Junior olympics worldwide), is 5'8" (Lynda Carter was 5'9") and she's an unknown. Plus she has dark hair and blue eyes!! She's the perfect choice.
Oooh, Barboo! Interesting suggestion re Alex Rice!
How old is Rice? She is gorgeous and I loved her in Wonderfalls.
Two words. Charisma Carpenter.

Come on Joss!
Is Stalone free?

Well, I know he'd cost a bundle; I meant is his schedule free? I mean he has experience watching stunt doubles work…
Just to stir up some real fire in this discussion...
Much as I love our past Whedonverse actresses, Hollywood is not likely to take our beloved JW seriously if he constantly casts those same actresses in all his projects. Food for thought.
"Hollywood is not likely to take our beloved JW seriously if he constantly casts those same actresses in all his projects."

'Hollywood' won't care who he casts. He could cast Herve Villachez (sp?), and if WW made a ton of money they'd be lining up at his door.
Casting: Morgan Freeman, no doubt.
New title: Snakes on an Invisible Plane.
Faked boobs: Priceless.
Didn't Joss say his Wonder Woman is going to be ethnic? I'm still hoping for Morena, but I never thought about Alex Rice. That's an interesting thought.
I fancy Evangeline Lilly too (heck, my mom probably fancies her), but casting from the cock is nobody's friend. The last time he did that it turned out badly: Kate Bimbo in Angel.

The Beckinsale article is interesting in its own right - the Wonder Woman wibble is hardly its Unique Selling Point. Am I the only person who thinks that the Adam Sandler vehicle (about a character who has the ability to "Tivo" his own life) has the potential to be a Groundhog Day-esque masterpiece? It probably won't be, but it's a wonderfully high concept I can't wait to be disappointed by.

Oh, and thanks Saje for the link! I love the fact that Joss is the most feminist male on the planet, but a huge part of me wishes he'd occasionally regress into the alpha male lech depicted in that April Foolish article :-)

[ edited by chocolateboy on 2006-05-20 18:24 ]
I'm sure whoever Joss picks will do fine. I'm more interested in how the actress they choose brings believability to the role, then whether or not she can fit into the outfit. It's not going to be an easy role to do correctly. With the tv series, they just got a woman they thought looked the part. God bless her, Lynda Carter looked great, but couldn't act her way through a room filled with air.

Can we get back to discussing Goners, or when they'll get around to making the Serenity sequel?
casting from the cock is nobody's friend. The last time he did that it turned out badly: Kate Bimbo in Angel.

Kate as in cop Kate? Dude, the actress who played that character really, really nailed the part.
I thought she did a dandy job as Kate also, gossi.

chocolateboy, just curious: why do you refer to her as a bimbo?
Agreed on cop Kate. I think the problem was with the writing, and an inability to find a way to fit her into the story properly. Acting-wise, Elisabeth Rohm did just fine. Season 1 Angel just had plenty to iron out, and the inclusion of Kate as a character was just one of those kinks that they eventually had to dump.

Topic? I still think Fillion should get the part! Morgan Freeman's too much of a big name to fill the role...

[ edited by hrlo on 2006-05-20 19:30 ]
Personally I don't think Joss would have ever considered her for the part, even if he wasn't aiming for a younger, unknown actress. I don't think she's a terrible actress, but I just don't think she's particularly impressive or memorable. She is perfectly functional as a tough vampire killing chick in a tight costume, but I don't think she could convincingly pull off such an iconic superhero and still bring some warmth and humanity to the part.

Of course I could be wrong, as I haven't seen a huge number of her films (I have seen Pearl Harbour, Underworld and Van Helsing), but that's just from what I've seen. I think what Joss is going to go for in Wonderwoman is someone young who will be a revelation, like Summer Glau stepping up to the plate in Serenity and astounding everyone, or Sarah Michelle Gellar in season two of Buffy. And I can't wait to see who it is. But I would love official confirmation just so we can put an end to all the speculation. And at least if it is a relative unknown then there can't be too much debate about whether they are right for the part.
thank God!
i'm still hoping for Sarah Michelle Gellar or Eliza Dushku
> chocolateboy, just curious: why do you refer to her as a bimbo?

I thought she (Elisabeth Rohm) was a not very good actress who looks far too much like an actress and far too little like a cop.

So did the writers, which was why she was gradually phased out as a testosterone-inspired mistake.
I guess I'm getting old. Apparently bimbo doesn't mean what it used to.

If the reason for dropping the character was her acting ability, why do it gradually, or even bring her back for the second season?
...casting from the cock is nobody's friend. The last time he did that it turned out badly: Kate Bimbo in Angel.

I know that there has already been some responses to this comment, but is there something I am missing that doesn't make it offensive?

I thought she (Elisabeth Rohm) was a not very good actress who looks far too much like an actress and far too little like a cop.

So did the writers, which was why she was gradually phased out as a testosterone-inspired mistake.

I am probably out of line here but I don't think this answer is helping. Is this low opinion that is apparently shared by "the writers" actually an undisputed fact? Has, for example, Joss Whedon referred to Elisabeth Rohm (or the character she played) as a "bimbo" or a "testosterone-inspired mistake"?

[ edited by dashboardprophet on 2006-05-21 00:17 ]

[ edited by dashboardprophet on 2006-05-21 00:19 ]
Excellent point dashboard, I was wondering the same thing.

I liked E. Rohm's portrayal of Kate, as well as the other roles she's played on tv (I haven't seen her on the big screen). Where is it that the writer's speak poorly of her talent?

[ edited by keedoh on 2006-05-21 00:59 ]

So did the writers, which was why she was gradually phased out as a testosterone-inspired mistake.

Woah now. Let me just clarify this - Elizabeth was not phased out because she was a "testosterone-inspired mistake", nor were Joss/Tim/etc thinking with their cocks when they cast her - at least, I've never seen any evidence of that. I've not seen any material slagging her off -- in fact, I've seen much praise from the people who actually worked on that show.

Elizabeth got a regular role on a TNT cop show, which meant she left the show, if anybody cares about -- you know -- facts.
Yeah wasn't she cast in the TNT show during Angel Season 1? They had to schedule her around it. Then after Angel Season 2 ended, she moved to Law and Order.
Personally I've never understood the criticism that the Kate Lockley character has receieved. Personally I think people mistake not liking the character with Elizabeth Rohm's performance.

I always felt that the character was always well acted, but people just didn't like her. I think it was when she found out Angel was a vampire and her father was killed, viewers just got sick of her whining and blaming Angel for it. Which I admit, irked me a little, but was understandable. Even though Angel didn't kill her dad, to Kate he represented the forces in the world beyond her control, and she kind of associated him with death and destruction.

I thought the whole character was a fairly interesting examination of someone being forced to come to terms with the truth about the world, and having it place a burden on her because she can't confide in any of her co-workers and her life is pretty much destroyed by the later part of season two. Contrast this with Buffy, where some characters find the adjustment remarkable easy (like Oz's "Actually, that explains a lot), or just deny the truth (basically the entire Sunnydale population). And it isn't going to be clear cut, Kate immediately identifies that Angel has a soul and is therefore a good vampire, she has trouble coming to terms with that.

I think some people just never liked the character, but I don't think that was the fault of the actress at all. I can say that I never saw her put in an unconvincing performance in Angel at all, whereas I will say that some of David Boreanaz and Charisma Carpenter's early work on Buffy wasn't terribly convincing (although both developed tremendously as actors as the years went by). Perhaps physically she wasn't completely believable as a cop, but unfortunately the way TV is, everyone has to look beautiful, and that's just the way it is.
A beautiful woman is not allowed to pursue a career as a cop? Somebody call Equality Now. Or is the notion supposed to be that a beautiful woman wouldn't lower herself to becoming a cop? I don't get this beautiful and cop don't equate stuff.
gossi, thankfully most of us here care about the facts, rather than the rumours, which is why I bother to spend a little of my precious spare time posting here.

You are of course correct that Elizabeth found regular work in another series which meant that she eventually had to leave her role in Angel. A shame because the role of Lockley offered her more in any single episode than she was able to find in her entire time in the dull as dish water procedural show she went to. My opinion only there, of course. I just cannot stand television series like Law and Order, I'm afraid.
jaynelovesvera, I meant no offence to any women or police officers. And as I said, I thought Elizabeth was a perfectly believable cop.

But I have heard people comment before on whether they felt she was too beautiful or glamorous to be a cop. I don't necessarily agree, but I do think in any similarly difficult line of work it could be difficult to look fantastic at all times. But it's really more about film and TV in general, because most of the faces we see all the time are thin and beautiful, even if that isn't a reflection of the actual populaiton or agrees with everyone's idea of beauty (certainly not mine).

I do remember Joss commenting on the issue and I can paraphrase him saying something along the lines of that physical appearance isn't of paramount importance, "but let's face it, we didn't hire trolls". Which was a perfectly light hearted way of saying that of course these people aren't always a true reflection of reality, but that's just the way the business works. I personally just don't see why people are fine with the stunning SMG as Buffy, but apparently Elizabeth was too "glamorous" to be believable as Kate. And I think these are more pedantic, unimportant issues because her actual performance was utterly convincing, regardless of her appearance.

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