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May 20 2006

Seth Green's NBC Sitcom won't be shown this summer. NBC has decided not to show the remaining unaired episodes of Seth Green's sitcom, "Four Kings". It was scheduled to be shown May 25th, but that's been changed. It's also unlikely they will show the remaining unaired episodes of "Joey" and "E-Ring".

It also unlikely they will show the remaining unaired episodes of "Joey"

There's a silver cloud in every lining. Shame about Seth's show though. Especially after NBC said they show those episodes.
I doubt ABC will show the last episodes of Commander in Chief either.
Simon, you took the words right out of my keyboard! ;-)
I wonder will they allow RTE (Ireland) to show the remaining episodes of JOEY as RTE already has shown one more episode than NBC
garda39: They will. RTE would have bought the episodes from the production company that makes the show and not the US network. NBC doesn't own the episodes themselves. It just owns the right to show them in the US for a certain period of time or a certain number of times.

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It might depend on the terms of the contract signed regarding any DVD release. E4/C4 in the UK was not allowed to show the remaining five episodes of 'Point Pleaseant' not broadcast by the Fox network until after the DVD had been released. E4 has subsequently broadcast the show again in late, late night spot, showing all thirteen episodes this time around.

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