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May 20 2006

Trailer for the horror movie 'The Thirst'. It stars Whedonverse alums Adam Baldwin, Clare Kramer, Tom Lenk and Serena Scott Thomas. No word on a release date yet but if you want to see some extremely bloody pics of Clare and Adam, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

That was pretty Gory. Was that Nine Inch Nails?
Are they blood thirty monsters or crazed humans with a thirst for violence?

ETA...looks like a little of both.

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Nevermind, not quite sure of the problem here, but I'm out.

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That's pretty darned bloody....
Maybe it's strawberry jam. I don't see why you all suddenly assume their "thirst" is for blood. I mean, it wouldn't even taste good.
I mean, it wouldn't even taste good.

Well without sugar, it wouldn't.
Don't forget the wheatabix for texture.
Wow, that much blood in the teaser trailer alone... I'm IN.

I thirst for any news of Tom Lenk. And this features two other Whedon favorites to me. This makes me very happy.
There's sugar?
It looks awful, really, but Adam Bladwin playing a vampire... I might have to watch it just for that.
But eatin' people—when does that get fun?

One movie later, and Jayne's a Reaver.
Why can't he be one of the scantily clad loin-cloth wearing vampires? Why does he have to be joe-bob the overall wearing vampire? He could be all broody and pensive like Angel but more with the muscles and gore. Rodin's The Thinker wore a loin cloth....
That was pretty Gory

Huh? I thought Clare Kramer was pretty Glory.
How gross! Yet, I'm totally in. I'll watch that group in anything. cheyrl, sounded just like Nine Inch Nails to me. When I decided that, I decided I was in. Good date movie! Looking forward to it.
That looks like a cheap, gory, campy, horror film. Can't wait to see it. *Vampires are cool*
it was NIN, a remix or the Hand that Feeds.

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