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May 20 2006

Last night's Close to Home finale. For those who missed the season finale of Close to Home Friday night, what happened wasn't actually that big of a surprise.

Nor was it the big surprise that in Christian Kane's final episode he got more screen than he did in the rest of the season combined.

wasnt a surprize but I still cried
Spoiler much?
Did a green demon shoot him?

Not a spoiler if it's already aired in the States.
LOL Simon not this time but that would have been a better ending. He met his end by way of a drunk driver. His last few minutes was spent laying still on a table while Annabeth weeped, poorly.
So sad for a character to die. Now, you were saying a green demon... What's up with that? So lame.
Must stay goodnight. Please take care everyone.
It is a spoiler if you had it tivoed but didn't watch it yet. Ruined it for me.

Good for Christian, this was a terrible gig for him that didn't allow him to showcase his talent. I am sure he will find something better.
Now that I have my brain in gear I've re-worded the subject line to make less spoilery. I'll change the link to's recap once that goes up.
Hold up, Simon. What's the deal with the green demom?
Not a spoiler if it's already aired in the States.

Maybe so, but does that mean no consideration should be taken for other people who somehow didn't catch it, or for those (like me) who missed the start of the series and are waiting for DVD/rerun?

I see you've changed the post, and so I know this might sound whiny, but once you've been spoiled you can't be unspoiled...
Hold up, Simon. What's the deal with the green demom?

Go rewatch Not Fade Away ;)
Man, they just can't keep Christian Kane alive in any show he does, can they? And seriously "Close to Home" is really a god-awful show. Not only did I not care, I started laughing. At least without Christian I'll have nothing conflicting with Dr. Who, although I head that Christopher Eccleston doesn't make it out of the season, which would be a bummer.
That's a spoiler, BoltRider.
I already knew, so I didn't bother to watch. I can only take Christian getting killed off so many times, ya know. LOL But without his character, I have no further reason to watch the show, either.
Should of know better.

Will do, Grounded. :)
Correction, "Known".
I'll can be a bit silly at times.
Gossi...sorry. I didn't read that anywhere or anything, so I thought it fell under the category of "rumor."
BoltRider, the UK is a season ahead of the US (so you guys get spoiled for once!).
Back on topic: I completely forgot to watch the finale, although I've seen many of the episodes of this show. And I'm sorry I didn't get to see CK's biggest scenes. I was amazed all season at how he generally had less than a minute of screen time per episode. What a waste of a good actor. I'm glad the other aspects of his career seem to be taking off. He did deserve much better than this. And, as said above, without him, there's not much to watch this show for.
I was wondering how it was possible that Christian had 3 movies on his plate in production - now I know!

I wonder if it was his choice or the writers... perhaps they way they treated him will turn him off television for a while?

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