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July 20 2002

(SPOILER) Spoilerslayer has casting news. Tensai, the Spoilerslayer, gathers spoiler info from different sources, but has so far never released any new spoilage of his own. Until today.

Quoting an 'industry source' he says: "ME has put out a casting call for Slayers-In-Training. That is Slayers in the plural sense. These will be non-speaking roles, with the footage being used during the teaser sequences."

I'm hoping this means we'll get to see more of the internal workings of the COW (Council of Watchers).

This coincides with my wild speculation about season seven's Big Bad being the Council of Watchers itself. Or perhaps one of the potential big bads that keep us guessing as the season draws to a close. We know the Slayer line went from Buffy to Kendra to Faith. That the second time Buffy died and came back there was no second slayer. It only works once. So Faith has to die for another Slayer to take her place, but last we heard she was in jail.

To attempt to abbreviate my theory, I believe Whedon could have the Council "aquire" Faith somehow, they take her back to England and purposefully, temporarily, kill her. As an experiment. They kill her under controlled conditions (with her strapped down in titanium shackles of course) then revive her. Then they find the next slayer out there, and do the same thing to her. Eventually they could have anywhere from two to two hundred slayers under their watchful eye. This would of course tick off the spirit of The First Slayer eventually. And we know Faith's not controllable. She'd eventually escape, possibly taking some of the other slayers with her.

So Whedon could have Buffy, Faith's little rebel group of Slayers, AND an unspecified number of brainwashed slayers under control of the CoW. Whedon could have any number of "Slayers-In-Training" running around too, hoping the next death & resusitation of a Slayer would make them powerful. It could be a cross between Russian Roulette & the lottery.

I never liked the CoW. The way they do things appears to be on the surface incompetent and shortsighted, but also indicates an alterior motive. For an organization that claims to have as its sole purpose the observation and care of the Slayer blood line, they treat Slayers very irresponsibly. Their agenda is not the preservation of good over evil and it's not the care of the Slayer. If the Council had been at all serious in their efforts, they would have closed up shop in England and moved to the Hellmouth, putting their entire resources at Buffy's disposal from day one. Instead, they plant one low-level member of their personel in her life and put her through a series of tests. Then they try to browbeat her and make her feel worthless. "Watching" isn't the appropriate term. Council of Meddlers is more like it. They wouldn't know the Heisenberg Principle if it bit them on their fannies.
Here's my take:

Yeah, they probably will bring Faith in at least once. There's a storyline there that needs to be resolved.

However, the reason that there wasn't a new slayer when Buffy died?

Dawn. I thought it was pretty obvious from the season finale that they were making the transition to Dawn being a slayer as well. Since they did the entire thing with Dawn and Buffy being of one blood, I think they're going to explain it off by saying that since Dawn was living, Buffy's death didn't cause a "reboot." Faith or not.

I suspect that Buffy and Dawn may take a visit to the Watchers to look at giving Dawn some serious schooling.
I'm less and less convinced Dawn will be a slayer, seeing as nothing's ever obvious in the Jossverse. They hit us over the head with it in 'Grave', with Buffy handing Dawn the sword (cue sweeping orchestra). They probably want us to think it.

In Joss's comic 'Fray' there some reference to a '21st century slayer' who rid the world of vampires.

If the rumours of Tim Curry playing 'Uther, the first vampire' are true, what if Buffy somehow manages to kill the first vampire (or prevent him from being turned in the first place)? (There'd still be other demons, though.)

Maybe Dawn's still got some role to play as a 'key', closing a door.
Dawn is not a Slayer and never will be. I'll explain why in a different thread cuz we're going way off topic here. =)

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