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May 20 2006

James Marsters gives news on 'Shadow Puppets' release date and thanks his fans for tuning into Smallville even though "I know they didn't use me that much".

But at least he enjoyed it, that's the main thing.

I want to show you all off to the other guests joining me

He's so cute, it's no wonder he has such a big fanbase. :)
Given that there is a casting agent, a director and a writer/producer (Steve DeKnight) going already, maybe the "and Friends" is the audience, and JM will use the event as a springboard for more "proper" work?

Yeah, I jest, but actually that is a sweet way for him to put it. And Smallville may not have used him as extensively as some hoped, but they gave him a good villainous part - how many actors get to be killed twice in one season by being penetrated by giant alien crystals?
Olivier did in "Hamlet".

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Awww James....he really IS such a sweetie.

Man I wish I was able to afford to go to this con. But I have a feeling hubby would not think it was a 'necessary' expenditure. Anyway...I hope there is a DVD of the event, 'cause JM in a TUX...oh still my heart!!!!

As for showing off his fan base to some 'special' guests who just happen to be involved with the what? Good move I say! Hope it works. Need to see more of JM on my TV and in movies soon...very soon.

SV was good, but yeah, he was seriously underused. I'm just happy that he enjoyed the experience, and I think he did a fantastic job. Hopefully the networks and other PTB will notice and it leads to greater things for James.

Cool news about Shadow Puppets too. I am ready to see it...and the DVD will be on my wish list...
I wish I could go to the Queen Mary con. The fact that SdK and Jane E will be there makes it all the more tempting. And I would love to dress up as one of my favorite 30s actresses and finally meet face-to-face so many of my online friends I have known for many years.
Panels with well-spoken people, the Queen Mary, faces to go with names, and thirties fashion, but I didn't REALLY want to go, not actually, no loss, no really I didn' all, no way.
Do we know the format for Shadow Puppets yet? I'm half hoping for straight to dvd, then I can pause on James in his knickers that much sooner! :~D
Rogue Slayer, that's a question I'm wondering myself. Lets see....
I think they have only just started looking for a distribution deal. Hope they get it, DVDs are lovely but James larger than life on the silver screen? Priceless!
It looks like Shadow Puppets is being marketed, but not screened, at Cannes.
I think if James Marsters feels comfortable enough to say that it is due out around Halloween on his Official site, then a deal has been made. Maybe we'll get more details when he answers fan questions on his site tomorrow.
James in a tux - be still my heart! Well, to be honest, James in (or out) or anything, be still my heart!

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