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May 20 2006

Chaucer's Blog Recommends Buffy for a Broken Heart. A blog written as if by Geoffrey Chaucer recommends Haagen Dazs and Buffy for a broken heart. (It's about halfway down in the post.)

Broken heart? Country music. The music of pain.

Good blog theough. Even if it is hard work to read, it must be far harder to write.
I think my eyes have just gone cross. The actual french was easier to understand.

I personally recommend Ben and Jerry's as opposed to Haagen Dazs.
extremely hard to read. I agree with Rogue...Ben and Jerry's all the way.
I'm firmly in the Haagen Daaz camp, but it's gotta be pralines and cream.
And Buffy is a panacea, in my book.
Godiva's chocolate raspberry truffle. We found some again the other day, first time in months!

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In fact, it's a visitor called 'Laurelle' who comments that she 'hath founde thatte a ful seson of buffie the vampyre slayre iss an antydotte for alle illes'.
Actually the blogger says "And thus, take two pintes of hagen dasz dulce de leche, a ful seson of buffie the vampyre slayre, and calle me in the morninge."

And what is duche de leche anyhow?
dulce: to make sweet
leche: milk

That's one fancy (and not a little convuluted, linguistics-wise) way to say ice cream.

Haagen Daaz. Strawberry, dang it!

One of my English professors loved Chaucer and would regale us sleepyheads--I mean, his Monday morning class (!) with recitations of passages from The Canterbury Tales in their original Middle English pronunciation. With the result that I actually understand most of that blog posting.

(my sweet lord!)
I got a good laught at this. My mom's a high school English teacher (now retired) whom I had many years ago, and she made her entire class memorize the opening of Canterbury Tales, which I still remember to this day. :-) And that was nearly 35 years ago!
Broken heart? Country music. The music of pain.

That reminds me of my last breakup. I took out my copy of Dwight Yoakam's Blame The Vain and played it over and over again. Sad and pathetic? Sure. But as far as post-breakup therapy goes, it did the job rather well.
Dulce de leche is actually a very popular caramel spread in Latin America and the primary culprit behind a huge weight gain when I was living in Argentina. Haagen Daz's version is a caramel ice cream. It's very good, but I've not been able to find it lately.

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Buffy is great for getting over a breakup. I started watching it when my ex-husband walked out on me after nearly 8 years of marriage, and sometimes it felt like the only thing that got me through the day was knowing I was going to get to go home and watch Buffy for a few hours. I watched 5 seasons in 3 months (while I took 23 credits at school and worked 3/4ths time), and at the end of that time got another set of ear piercings, so mine now match hers.

Silly, but when I get all my earrings in, it makes me smile and think about a little bit of her strength being within me.
Dulce de leche is basically carmalized, sweetened milk. I spent some time in the Peruvian Amazon. Bearing in mind that people there usually cooked on a kerosene burner, the standard recipe for dulce de leche there was take a can of sweetened, condensed milk (not evaporated!), submerge it in a pot of water, and boil it for about two hours. You want to make sure it's cool before opening.

I've recently had very good success by pouring the uncooked milk into a jar and heating it for a couple hours at less than a boil in my slow cooker. It allows me to judge the state of carmalization that I want it to reach, and I don't have nightmare visions of cans exploding. (Anyone here with more knowledge of physics want to explain to me whether or not that is a real risk?)
Love this blog! The t-shirts are also quite amusing, but maybe you have to be a medievalist...

Speaking of t-shirts--isn't it about time for some new Whedonesque gear?
I *love* the t-shirts!!!!! I am a medievalist. . . . Thank you so much for the link, darkling! I've bookmarked it.

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