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May 21 2006

I'm grateful for Buffy says Alyson Hannigan. A really nice interview which covers her career to date.

That was a sweet interview. It's nice when the actors from the verse find another wonderful outlit for their talent.

Alyson seems very grateful for her time on Buffy and I think it's smart to stay away from roles similar to Willow from Buffy. It must be aweful to worry about being pigeon holed into the same role for the rest of your life. No worries here though.

Nice interview, thanks for the link.
She does comedy so well, I can see why she was drawn to How I met Your Mother but I do wish we could see her in something more serious as well. And I always get a laugh when I see how she works in mention of Alexis!
Nice interview.

I really like her How I Met Your Mother role, but I'd also love to see her in another geeky role like Willow, I think she did great on Buffy ;)
Alyson referring to her character Lily on How I Met Your Mother: “And Lily, a really cool chick, is a lot like me,” she laughed.
“Well, she kind of looks like me, and we have a lot of the same facial expressions,” Hannigan said. “Though I’m a little taller than she is.”

Man, that's priceless. Alyson always makes me smile.
She is great with comedy, but Willow could always make me cry like no one else. I'd love to see her in another role that exploits that ability.
The last few episodes of How I Met Your Mother have had Alyson acting (and crying) moments. The finale was fantastic.
"I have funds for life."

Errr. Does that mean she's set because of syndication? Or should we assume 'friends' instead? :D
Willowy, I'm guessing "funds" is exactly what she meant, whether by straight wage or with syndication or because she has a kick-butt money-manager --- or all three. Either way, good for her! Finacial independence means she can pursue roles for her own acting satisfaction, rather than to restock the Spagettios and Ramen.
5 digit paycheck per episode for 144 episodes (maybe not abosolutely all of them). Salaries for American Pie 1,2,3 and Date Movie. Plus Alexis' income. Maybe she got a piece of American Pie's profits (no pun intended). If they manage their money well--I can see that. Then again maybe she meant "friends" given some of the other things this writer said:

As Gill pointed out-"brunette"? I also question: chameleon-like, notorious, "definitely wears the tight pants around her boyfriend" (I'm taking that to mean Lily's the dominant one, whereas to me their relationship is balanced. Anybody interpret that statement differently?).

Btw, my local station delayed the season finale ten minutes so TiVo only got the first twenty. It cut off while Ted was urging Robin to "make this mistake". I don't mind being spoiled. What happened?

Anyway, we all love Aly and it's great her show is successful. And Alexis is hysterical. Really good seeing him play a character who isn't like either early Wes, or late Wes.

And ohhh, that smile.
Willowy, I was typing my comment before keedoh posted his/hers. Don't want it to look like I'm piling on.
No worries, bat! :)
Robin said she'd think about it, or turned Ted down, I can't remember. But the rain had stopped so she was going camping with Sandy (Alexis) again.

Ted went to the bar, decided he was going to do a rain dance (yes, I did just type that), so inlists Barney's ex girlfriend, who is played by Amy Acker. Amy's character teachs Ted the rain dance, it rains, Ted goes to Robin's, Robin lets him in, they sleep together, hurray!

Ted leaves in a field of joy, back to the apartment, to find Marshal alone on the doorstep in the pouring rain - Liley left him.

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I am a "her", just to clarify. *grin*
Srsly, guys. Brunette?
Also, they described Wesley as "dark," and only mentioned his tenure on Buffy. I'm not sure if BtVS-Wesley is what I'd call dark....

Seriously, Aly is amazing. Much love.
What a sweetie.
I agree the writer used adjectives that didn't quite fit -- "brunette," "dark" and "tight pants" all sounded really off to me, like the writer was trying to be clever and just wound up inaccurate. But Alyson's quotes were really funny and kind; as always, she sounds like a nice and kind person. Yes, she *rocks*. ;-)
Well, Aly actually is a natural brunette, but she plays a red-head. Maybe the interviewer just noticed her roots.

Gotta say I can't blame her for being grateful. If I had a role on Buffy where I met and later married Alexis Denisof, I'd be thanking the gods every single day. Those two are the sweetest couple ever.

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Maybe the interviewer just noticed her roots.

Uh-oh. "If I tried something big, I’d change and then it’s all black hair and veins and lightning bolts. I can hardly do a locator spell without getting dark roots."

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