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May 21 2006

SMG Photocall at Cannes Film Festival after Southland Tales press screening.Video footage of photocall and interview session here. Update:Pics of Sarah at the premiere can be found at WireImage.

She looks great as ever. Am looking forward to seeing pictures from the premiere tonight.
Sarah Michelle makes my heart swell. Bai Ling makes my loins sing.
I'm looking forward to reading the Cannes press conference and reviews of Southland Tales.
Sarah looks great, and happy; although, she is an actress, i'm sure she can "look happy" whenever she wants to!
I've found a couple of reviews about the place and created a new thread for people who want to discuss the movie.
There are some early reviews that aren't good, but I'm hoping for the best. I really thought this sounded like an interesting movie.

cannes review Southland tales .

BBC news cannes review.

Editted, Simon, you beat me.

(I gotta love Gellar's wit in answer to that rude reporter's question in the BBC review)

[ edited by spikeylover on 2006-05-21 16:56 ]
Thanks for cleaning up the link

Incidently a weird question was asked of SMG at the Press conference

A Colombian journalist asked Gellar if, after portraying a porn star in the film, she had any ambitions to appear in a pornographic movie.

Gellar flashed a dazzling smile and said her acting career gave her plenty of opportunities to live out any fantasy

And Spikeylover you beat me to mentioning the rude reporter LOL

[ edited by garda39 on 2006-05-21 16:57 ]
I found this video interesting - Sarah chips in at the end they had to change elements of the film when they finally came to film it as the political climate had changed so much as to mirror the script anyway, so the scenes had lost their comedy value.

This is certainly an odd, odd film. I'm looking forward to seeing the reviews. I'm not at all sure it could be a mainstream box office success, regardless of the reviews, as the premise has a lot going on.
Sorry, just seen Simon's post.
I saw the clip from Cannes about Southland Tales. I was hoping it would get a more enthuiastic response from critics and the public. Maybe Richard Kelley put too much into his movie to say what he wanted to say. Well, when it comes here, we'll see for ourselves. SMG looked great, though, and apparently knew how to handle a pretty rude question. I'm guessing the guy from Columbia had no idea about her career.
Sarah is as beautiful as ever. Can't wait to see this movie.
Really love her with dark hair.
I've merged jerryst3161's thread with this one. So gaze at Sarah's nice dress from the premiere earlier this evening.
Is anyone on a Mac able to watch the video? I'm not having any luck here.

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