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May 21 2006

James Marsters answers fans' questions. Some very interesting questions and answers this month.

In season 5 of Angel, Joss was excited about an episode that had Spike in a dress. He even references it in his WB letter on their website. But in the final version of the episode, the scene wasn't included. Can you tell us if it was filmed and if so, why it wasn't included. If it wasn't filmed, do you have any idea why?

'The reason was that Steve DeKnight and I were drowning in the toilet trying to complete this episode (I can't remember the title - the only one he directed that year). I tried to make it work but it would have doubled the amount of work that day to have my character change from the black coat to a dress. Pitifully, it was a money issue.'

I always enjoy his take on Shakespeare.
So cool of him to make himself available for fans questions like this. Those who can't make it to Cons must really appreciate it.
Loved the Shakespeare bits and heavens he seems to be racking up some frequent flyer miles :)
Those really were some excellent questions. Good going to all those who submitted them.

...So in Hellbound Spike was going to be put into a dress as well as stripped naked? I guess they had to choose one or the other rather than both. Isn't it convenient that the strongest artistic choice was also the strongest commercial choice. ;-)

It would have been interesting to see what Spike's reaction would have been. Other than how it showed the other person's power to manipulate his image, I cannot imagine it would have gotten to him all that much. Of course, if he did it to himself, that sheds a whole different light on things. Does anybody know how that fit into the original script?
I think Spike would have probably had something fun to say about wearing a dress.

Deb, he is definitely getting around.
I'm finding the idea of Spike in a dress to be a curiously attractive proposition . Should I see a therapist?
Weren't Angel and Spike supposed to dress up in drag for a season 6 episode? Or was that wishful thinking by Joss? I can't quite seem to find the quote.
Have you seen Simon in CHANCE? James is a very pretty...MAN. ;)

ETA: Simon, I think it was wishful thinking by David Boreanaz for TGIQ, I believe. (Something about SOME LIKE IT HOT??) James makes an ugly woman, but I'm thinking David Boreanaz would be even worse.

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James makes an ugly woman, but I'm thinking David Boreanaz would be even worse.

Nothing could be worse than this! Took three months of therapy to get over that pic of David.
Erm * eww* anyone got any bleach for my eyes? That shirt... that belt!! Somebody fire the designer! David is a pretty , pretty man , it takes real genius to make him look that bad.

The best at wearing a dress has to be Michael Rosenbaum ( Lex from Smallville) His role as Adina in Sorority Boys shows him to be quite disturbingly attractive in drag, whereas James in Chance looked pretty much like a bloke in a frock! James putting on lipstick and kissing a mirror in the same film on the other hand was, for some strange reason, as hot as hell!
That picture of DB...(shudder)...wait a minute...what picture? If I say I did not see it often enough, that will make it true, right? It seems to work in politics...

In Chance JM was supposed to be a guy who puts on a dress for his friend's amusement. My guess is, that with the right makeup, JM could make a very attractive transvestite.

As far as the kissing the mirror, well that is just sex. No great surprise that JM can make anything involving sex sizzle...even putting on lipstick and kissing a mirror. The guy has a talent that cannot be denied. ;-)
I hope James doesn't read Whedonesque..

If anybody wants to creepy themselves out more, watch the film (Crow 4) that photo is taken from. Then you get to see it in moving images!
I just knew it was the picture from Crow and yet I had to go look at it. So much for eating again today. And yes, I think James could be quite pretty. Look what eyelashes and lipstick did for Chewetel. And James has the cheekbones.

[ edited by Lioness on 2006-05-21 23:21 ]
Here is a pic of James in Chance, as well as a manly Amber Benson, for those who haven't seen it.
James can't look like a girl for trying. Amber makes a pretty boy, though.

If I were empress of the world, my first act would be to remove everything that contains that image of Boreanaz from the planet. Except for one, which I would secretly keep and look at from time to time, and giggle.
Yep, Chiwetel Ejiofor looked amazing in Kinky Boots, all right. Awe-inspiring, really!
I would have given anything to see JM and DB in drag ala Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis in Some Like It Hot.
Pretty cool news about the new home. He sounds very busy and I would assume that's a good thing. Really hope his music takes off big soon.
Whaddaya mean? That picture of DB is like totally hot!

HAHAHA! I don't think it's the belt or the shirt, it's that look on his face!

And James might have pulled off the dress better if it hadn't been spaghetti straps. His shoulders and arms are too masculine. For spaghetti straps, not for real life.
Uhhh...Ok these pics are just...uhmmmm wrong somehow, although strangely compelling...except the Wicked Crow one which is just very scary. Heeee....Amber DOES look pretty good as a guy though...James as a girl??? Not so much!
I must confess I loved the drag scenes in does that make me disturbed somehow...worried now......
I don't really agree with the Shakespeare apologists, who try to look back and say "Oh, but Shakespeare was actually a feminist", or something. Sure for his TIME, he was probably a progressive thinker, but that doesn't mean he still wasn't a chauvinist, racist showman who played to the crowd, who were largely chauvinist racists. Everybody was. That was the world. His plays back that fact up time after time (all those "hilarious" rape jokes, etc.) But that's not to say he wasn't a brilliant poet and playwright and that his better, more human qualities do not shine through in his plays, of course they do, of course he remains one of the best dramatists of all time, and one of my favorites. But I don't think we need to forget he was a product of his world in order to respect the instances in his career when he was writing above it. I dunno, that's my two cents on that, I'm sure JM, or any other fellow Shakespeare nuts on here could make just as compelling an argument against this post. Just my opinion.
I just don't think high heels do anything for him.

james' legs.
LOL Spikeylover, those are some butt ugly shoes, and the feet aren't very loverly either. :)
LMAO, How could we forget... since we are going through the buffyverse.


who do you think is cuter?

[ edited by spikeylover on 2006-05-22 06:42 ]
My eyes! My eyes!
I think Nicky wins. So pretty.
I am thrilled beyond words he answered one of my questions (hands shaking, hard to type)! I asked the one about the venue or environment having an effect on acting. Seeing the "ghosts" isn't corny at all--the theatre is supposed to have at least two ghosts and I got a very strange feeling in the lobby. I didn't put that in the original question because I didn't think it was necessary but I'm glad he mentioned something of the like on his own.
Great question, bloodflowers. Congratulations !
Oh, bloodflowers... good on you -- how exciting! Great question and answer. Grinned large for you when he said "you're right"? How fun that you'll always have that little moment together. /jealous. ;)
Congrats, bloodflowers! Good question. Well done.

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