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May 21 2006

Sarah Michelle Gellar talks about Southland Tales at the BBC. Along with healthy doses of the cult of celebrity, and film making disappearing from Hollywood.

My feelings regarding Southland Tales have gone from extremely interested to hesitant after reading the associated links of the last two posts on I'm trying to reserve judgement until I see it, but the press is making it very difficult.
Based on their less than stellar reaction to Richard's one other film, and other films that I personally have enjoyed... I just really don't trust critics. I've found the one clip amusing and think the things I've heard sound interesting. So I'll still be there on opening weekend.
Not a moviegoer as a rule, and this won't get me to the theater, but it does sound interesting, and I'm glad Sarah is stretching beyond kids stuff and horror. Good for her.

I know, Cruel Intentions, but that was a long time ago.)
An interesting interview, about a lot of topics. I'm still getting that "gay cowboys eating pudding" feeling about the film. ;-)
I can't wait to see what all the fuss is about. And who could miss Buffy the Porn Star? Definately going opening day.
CiV, there is also the excellent (at least, I think so) 'Harvard Man' from 2001, which in typical James Toback style is decidedly un-family-friendly, and 'Simply Irresistible' from 1999. I do appreciate that I seem to be in a minority of one in actually liking the latter film.
I will see it in the theater. They trashed Darko in the beginning too. Here's to being optimistic.
Wild Horses couldn't keep me from seeing this movie, let alone a few critics.
dashboardphrophet, good call, I forgot...saw "Irresistable" in a hotel room on business travel right after my wife finally got me interested in Buffy, and loved the silly trifle of a movie. Saw it again a few years and, despite some silly things, found it utterly charming.
I'm still getting that "gay cowboys eating pudding" feeling about the film. ;-)

Is that... a good feeling?
And who could miss Buffy the Porn Star?

Bouffet the Vampire Layer. It's been done.

Now where did I run into that reference? Help me out here, please!
It was in Friends
Some more articles featuring quotes from SMG at Cannes.


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Apparently there's a Buffy the Vampire Layer as well as Muffy the Vampire Layer out there. Hrmph.
I was really looking forward to the film, but the lukewarm reception had dampened my enthusiasm a little, just like Choccdog. However I have realised that in the grand scheme of things it shouldn't really put me off at all.

As someone mentioned yesterday, the initial critical reaction to Donnie Darko wasn't very positive, and it was word of mouth that propelled it along. I got the Director's Cut DVD a few days ago, and watched it, and thoroughly enjoyed it, so based on Richard Kelly's input I am interested to see what he does, and I'm sure it will be bizarre and unpredictable. And of course I have no doubt that SMG will put in a stunning performance as always.

Plus, I remember reading a few fairly unflattering reviews of Serenity, which was of course one of the best films of last year. And there are several books, films, TV shows or albums that I have loved which haven't always been well received by critics, so this shouldn't be a reflection on the film at all. Based simply on the premise, the cast and the director, it will definitely be worth seeing even if it isn't perfect. And I am glad that SMG is diversifying and getting a chance to show her range.
On a completely shallow note SMG looks so darn cute in both pictures. I had planned on seeing the movie because she was in it but now Iím also interested in the plot itself. Bring on the confrontation!
I also loved how SMG thinks about all the people in show business who donít make the big bucks like she does and worries about them loosing their health insurance and benefits.

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