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March 28 2003

Does she kiss her mother with that mouth? Eliza Dushku's beep-filled appearance on MTV's Punk'd. (6 MB Zipped WMV file)

Courtesy of and

Woo-hoo! Gotta love that Eliza... I was wondering when the second part would be available (this is only part 2, fyi).

Though, um, are we even allowed to post links to this stuff?
Ahhh, I hate that show... It's just too mean! Seriously, if any of those things happened to me, I'd be kicking a few asses right away. Eliza handled it pretty well. :p
That's not even remotely funny. Never seen this show before, never want to. I think. Unless they do it to someone I don't like. Hmm.
wonderful. where is part 1?
Prolific, they already "punk'd" justin timberlake. That qualifies for me :)
Both files have disappeared from their original location. You can find the full episode linked at I've also got both files up on Kazaa at the moment; just search on Eliza's name.
When are they doing the rest of the cast members of Buffy?
Seth Green is going to be in a future episode, too.

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