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May 22 2006

(SPOILER) New info for Nick Brendon and Charisma Carpenter's tv movie. 'Relative Chaos' is scheduled to air on the ABC Family network this September.

Wil, Dil, Gil and Lil? Ummm hilarious?

Oh, lions and tigers and bears. Oh mine! Just had a dream. Still working though. Yes, Simon, I'm giggling seven ways to Sunday. You are indeed the best. Now, take a smile.
Simon, the film is called "Relative Chaos" - exactly what were you expecting?
exactly what were you expecting?

Chevy Chase to be in it as well. It just reminds me of a Chevy Chase movie. Hopefully it'll get picked in the UK.
Maybe it'll be good, maybe it'll be bad, but either way it'll be fun to see Nick and Charisma interact as different characters.
Now, if we can only get Unholy out to the theaters, or at least on DVD.
Wasn't that supposed to come last year? I was looking forward to seeing it.
I'm so looking forward to anything new with NB (having Charisma too is a bonus). Besides, Unholy, there's Alien Fire that was made and has still not been shown.
Unholy still hasn't been released - either to theaters or on DVD. Alien Fire is supposed to air on the SciFi Channel later this year.

Although I'm not a huge lover of the ABC Family movies, I will of course tune in to see this one. Christopher Gorham and Nick Brendon actually look like they could be related.
But can anyone picture Terry Bradshaw as Nick Brendon's dad in this movie?
Did anyone here in the U.S. happen to catch Nick in "Pinata: Survivor Island" this past Friday evening? I had no idea this film existed. It is nothing short of a classic. And Nick, of course, rocks.
Hm, I wonder if CC and NB get toplay fofeach other at all despite how their roles have no direct tie...

As rhyming names go though, on Wonderfalls they had Sharon, Karen, Darrin, Aaron (and Jaye) and that turned out pretty good... The only thing that bothers me is I can't imagine anyone naming their child "Dil." Wait, or how NB's character is cursed with "Gil Gilbert" since that's just sadistic.
Mr. Arg, if you liked "Pinata," you might like "Psycho Beach Party." Nick's in that as well.
Oh, I'm all over it. Thanks for the tip! Nicky, keep 'em coming!
Didn't Christopher Gorham guest star in a season two episode of Buffy as the spirit of a 50's student in love with his teacher.

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Christopher Gorham
I Only Have Eyes for You (1998) TV Episode .... James Stanley
The only thing that bothers me is I can't imagine anyone naming their child "Dil."

My brother's name is Dylan, and we've always called him "Dyl." Not a million miles away. And I believe Dilan is a fairly common name . . . well, among Kurds anyway (not sure whether they use Wil, Lil, and Gil though).
"Dilbert?" ;-)
I bought Pinata Island partially for Nick and also for Jaime Pressly who I think steals every scene in My Name is Earl.

"Darnell! You better look at my boobs when I'm talkin' about 'em!"

I really hate that kind of blood and guts horror movie but it was kind of cool to see Nick play the more dramatic hunky hero instead of the wacky sidekick. He was good, as was Pressly.

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