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May 22 2006

Buffy ep "The Harvest" selected as US-iTunes staff favorite. It's a small thing, but the episode is only one of two videos listed as a staff favorite on the US iTunes Music Store (US iTunes software required to view link).

Note that if you're in a different part of the world, the link won't show you the episode, but you can see it by selecting "USA" from the "Choose Country" pulldown at the bottom of the top-level iTunes page.

For those without iTunes installed, you can view a screenshot here.

I'm in the USA and I still don't see the article. Do you have to have the software installed to view any of the content on the site?
Oops, yeah, my bad. That's a link to content in the iTunes music store itself, so you'll need iTunes installed for it to make much sense.
Can you copy relevant text and put it in the long description of this post so the rest of us can see it?
I don't think it's an article. If you're in the US and go to the iTunes store you will see a box about half way down the main page that has a header of "Staff Favorites". The episode is listed there.
If your like me and bad at matching episode titles, I looked it up and its the 2nd episode of the show. Wikipedia says...
She returns the next day to find that Jesse was used as bait and vamped. Meanwhile Giles has discovered that the Harvest is a ritual in which the Master, a vampire stuck in a dimensional portal, can draw power from one of his minions as he feeds and free himself. Buffy and her new friends find Luke, the chosen minion, at the Bronze and put a stop to the Master's plan.
Hmmm, they should have just recommended "Welcome to the Hellmouth" - the very first episode - rather than the second :-)
It is an odd episode to recommend, but part 1 without part 2 is probably not as good a recommendation as part 2 without part 1. I assume there are only a limited number of episodes available...only S1 if I recall?
Definitely a weird episode to recommend, not only for being the second half of a two parter, but also, imo, b/c it's one of the weakest in the entire series. Almost all of the main characters' looks had to be redesigned over the next few episodes, the dialogue (being the first tv script joss ever wrote) did not flow the way most later episodes did, the Master, Luke, and Darla were all walking cliches until "Angel" and Angel himself was like the Undead Cigarette Smoking Man. I think the only character who truly didn't come out wrong in the first two eps was Cordelia...

I don't really see how anyone could pick that ep over some of the ones that came later, like "Passion", "Graduation Day", "Restless", "The Body", "The Gift", "Once More With Feeling", "Conversations with Dead People", etc...

Even if it is limited to season 1, I'd go for "Prophecy Girl", "The Pack", "Out of Mind, Out of Sight", and "Angel" before "The Harvest"...

(Just in case you couldn't tell by the random tirade I have officially run out of things to do ;p)

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