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May 23 2006

Serenity DVD of the week on My, what marvelously good taste some stores have.

Permalink to the actual DVD, with images of the front and back of the Dutch version of the DVD: (Click on the text beneath the pic to enlarge, hold your mouse over it to see the back.)

Heh, that's pretty good stuff. Free Record Shop is the largest music/DVD chain in The Netherlands. Also, I still feel that this cover is the prettiest we've seen. It's just too bad that we ended up not getting the steelbook edition they were going to be making. (It fell through because sales of other steelbook releases were dissapointing).
Oh, that's official now, that it's not coming?
Well, it's what I'm hearing. My main source is what someone over at said who had talked to the people at 'Versal (which you probably already know ;-)). It still sounds silly, though. I'm thinking a steelbook release would sell outside of The Netherlands as well.

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