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May 23 2006

Fox DVD Blowout at Amazon! Great prices on some Whedonverse related shows.

Tru Calling S2: $13.47
Greg the Bunny: $13.47
Wonderfalls: $19.97
Point Pleasant: $19.97

There's no actual Whedon show DVDs on the list though, this might be better posted at
You forgot Roswell (Julie Benz) and Millenium Season 3 (James Marsters & Juliet Landau)
I've been looking for a place to put this tidbit since there was no link to it. I saw both Buffy and Angel season 1 at Sam's Club for $17.88 each.
Ah it can stay, marking makes me maudlin somewhat. I've tweaked your subject line to make it more clear what's on sale. I can't believe they still have the chutzpah to sell a Tru Calling Season 2 DVD when there's only about 5 or 6 episodes.
heh thanks, I wasn't quite sure what to do with it. I'll keep in mind in the future.
Also recently on the price for the Serenity DVD has been cut to just $11.99!
And Point Pleasant. Another BtVS alum.

Dang. Several items here that have been on my curiosity list. I may have to do something desperate. Like place an order.
Plus the buffy slimcase dvds come out next week. Not such a big thing if you got the chosen collection, I guess, but I figured it might be worth mentioning.
How is Greg The Bunny? I missed it when it aired on TV here and even with international shipping its only 10.
theyarescientists: what are the "buffy slimline dvds?" How come I don't see any mention of them on amazon? Is this non-US? And are Angel DVDs going to come out in slimline versions?

Whew. Sorry for questions pelting.

As for Serenity now being $11.99, woo! Great time to purchase more and send 'em around to folk for conversioning. (Yeah, new word there.)
Note that there are additional savings when you buy some of thes ein pairs. For example, if you buy seasons 1 & 2 of Arrested Development, or Wonderfalls with Point Pleasant, you get an additional $10 off.

I would particularly recommend the Wonderfalls / Point Pleasant combo, myself. Wonderfalls is one of my all-time favorites, and Point Pleasant is like the bizarro version of Buffy - instead of having save-the-world super powers, the pretty blonde girl is wrestling with the realization that she's the antichrist. Good stuff.

As for Whedonesque relevance, there are a lot of Whedonverse alums connected to these shows, including (but probably not limited to):
* Wonderfalls - Jewel Staite
* Point Pleasant - Marty Noxon, Shawna Trpcic, Richard Burgi
* Greg the Bunny - Seth Green, blah
phlebotinin: Here's the link from amazon which provides little or no informtion on the product:

I actually heard about it from Herc's Popular Pricing thing that he does on aint it cool news. I think it follows what Fox did with the Futurama and Family Guy dvds, making the cases sleek and not making the box sets huge.
I sold all my Buffy DVDs last year because of the chosen collection(and didn't even end up being able to obtain one) so I'm going to get those slimline sets this summer.
Thanks, theyarescientists. I also found a mention of these sets on Sounds a good deal financially, plus you save some space on your shelf. Apparently, the sets contain all the discs that are in the bulkier, more expensive sets that we're all familiar with. This is not the case with the recently released slimline sets for the XFiles, at least according to

eddy, that's horrible that you weren't able to get a Chosen collection after selling off your old dvds. They're still available via sellers who advertise on Amazon. You may be able to get one that costs less than $210, which I think is what the seven slimline sets will cost in total. I wish they'd reissue more of the Chosen Collection sets. I know, they were limited editions. Still. I wonder if they are going to come up with something like that for Angel?

RayHill - Wonderfalls had Jewel Staite, but also had Tim Minear as one of its executive producers. People on whedonesque seem to assume overmuch that Minear created Wonderfalls and that it was *his* show. It wasn't. Todd Holland and Bryan Fuller created Wonderfalls; it was their vision. But Minear had a lot of input into it and he wrote several of the scripts.

[ edited by phlebotinin on 2006-05-23 20:52 ]
Ashley, Greg the Bunny is hi-larious. I own it and love it. Seth Green rocks.

I already own all of Buffy, so I won't need those... but if Angel goes on sale I'm all over it. I only own seasons one, two and five. (Yes, I know that's weird, but I was unable to see 5 on TV and couldn't wait to borrow it from friends, either... )
Well, I have to say, that if it weren't for Hill Street Blues (season one included on this promotion), it's fairly certain that NONE of what we now call quality television (including BtVS, Angel and Firefly)would exist, and I bet that John Sweden dude would agree!
And of course, don't forget that Arrested Development Season 2 has Alan Tudyk in one of the episodes.
If anyone can find a Jossverse connection to Reba, they will win a highly prized "Whedonesque No-Prize" and will be the envy of their friends, family and neighbours.
Gail Mancuso - Writer for Roseanne and Director for Reba.
Kevin Abbott, Pat Bullard, Matt Berry - Writers on Roseanne and Reba.
Joanna Garcia - American Pie 2 (with Alyson Hannigan) as well as other series with other verse guest cast members)
Daniele O'Loughlin - In Miss Match & Veronica Mars with Charisma Carpenter.

So is that enough or were you looking for someone specfic?

[ edited by RavenU on 2006-05-23 23:56 ]
By the way, I have found a Chosen collection at my brick and mortar Best Buy for $199.
IMDB tells me that Shawn Pyfrom (Andrew in Desperate Housewives) has guest starred in both Buffy and Reba - he is credited as Little Boy in Gingerbread. What don't I win?
I'd have to say Jon wins with that direct connection. And he wins the envy of his peers and me as well cause I loved 'Gingerbread'. RavenU has my envy anyhow for taking those really good pics of David Boreanaz at the weekend.
I'm hoping that this doesn't lead to links about desperate housewives and reba on this site.
Do I get anything for Dean Guerrero and this dude?
FYI, Serenity is also going to be part of both Best Buy's and Circuit City's Memorial Weekend sales. Starting Sunday (May 28) BB will have it on their 2 for $20 sales list and CC will have it priced at $9.99 each. I guess technically, you'll save 1 cent by getting it at CC. :D

Circuit City will also have all cds priced $10.99 - $13.99 on sale for $9.77 on Sunday and Monday (May 28 & 29) only. This includes a bunch of Whedon-verse soundtracks -- Serenity, Firefly, Buffy "OMWF", Buffy "Radio Sunnydale" and more. Of course, good luck actually finding them in stock, but the store near me has most of them in stock.
In the future, if anyone can find sales on Buffy, Angel, Veronica Mars, or Alias dvds, please post links on I need to find a birthday present for my friend.

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