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May 23 2006

Check the DVD cover and early info for the complete series of Conviction ,starring Eric Balfour and J. August Richards.

Anyone get a chance to check this out?
Good grief, they didn't waste much time in getting this released. That cover really reminds me of something else but I can't quite put my finger on it.
Did this just have half a season? That price seams awfully high for a show that got cancelled. I never got a chance to watch this because it was up against something else I watched but for $60 I won't be checking it out on dvd either! And Simon I thought the same thing when I saw the thread title.
Without A Trace, Simon, I suspect.
Wow. The picture of people sexin' each other, and the handcuffed wrists really doesn't make me think of a show about lawyers. If I didn't know what it was already and I saw it in the video store... Porn. (Maybe I'm just a perv.)
The picture of people sexin' each other, and the handcuffed wrists really doesn't make me think of a show about lawyers

Heh. You've clearly never worked in a big law firm . . . (if any of my colleagues are reading this, I didn't just say that. And if I did, I didn't intend it to mean what you might think I intended it to mean).
The Grid layout reminds me of Grey's Anatomy Season 1.
SNT, no kidding...was a paralegal briefly for the DC office of a big firm a while (about 15 years ago)...and you could literally hear the "in camera" action.

No lie.
You've clearly never worked in a big law firm . . .

Crap. Maybe I should switch my major from Journalism to Law. Hoo-boy...
Don't know a thing about it but jeez it got a better cover than Serenity... not that Serenity's cover was hard to top...

No one should feel ashamed or pervy. It has a hot feel to it.
IMDB lists 13 episodes--it was a midseason show. I watched it all; the procedural work was strong, I thought, but the draw for me was the characters/actors--I love Julianne Nicholson, and by far the best thing about the show was the chemistry between her and Balfour.

However, I agree that's too high a price for 13 episodes. Unless they've got another half-season socked away that will be in the set--probably not, if it's a three-disc set--I won't be picking it up either. There's not a great deal of point, to my mind, in watching procedurals over again, although I have gone back to watch the end of the finale several times for the character interaction. Good show; I'm sorry it's gone. I think they over-saturated their loyal Law and Order audience and not enough people like me, who weren't regular L&O watchers, picked up. Too bad.
What a rip off of the Grey's Anatomy DVD art.
Eric Balfour just can't find a series that will last :(
The really odd thing, is how easy it is to compare that cover to pics of the Angel cast: the guy on the right really resembles Angel (especially in that pose), then you proceed clockwist to Gunn, then you've got a Wesley-type next to him (in a three piece suit). Above the Wesley-type is a Fred-type, and above her is a small, pretty dark-haired girl that could be a Cordelia-type. All it was missing was Blondie Bear! Don't ask me what to do with the couple at the bottom left, though, my comparison ends there.
Actually I thought that guy at the bottom in the three piece suit resembled Sean Maher.
You're ignoring the most important image. The big shot in red of Angel sinking his fangs into some poor woman's neck (they do seem to have put his tattoo in the wrong spot).

Blondie Bear wouldn't be in it because he and Cordelia didn't overlap seasons. 'Cept that once.

Also, in the couple at the left, the guy is our old friend Jessie, first and last seen getting scorned, vamped and staked in the first BtVS two-hour opener. So, um maybe he's back as a ghost to harass Cordelia for the way she treated him in high school.

[ edited by barboo on 2006-05-24 18:56 ]
Thank you for picking up the torch and running with it barboo! I was running out of time before work, and completely left out the most important image...It's like saving your dessert for last, then forgetting to eat it...
As much as I like the Jesse idea, I think you're straining a little on that one. Ah, heck - I still like it though!
No argument the Jesse connection is a stretch. But it is an interesting coincidence to see him there when making Buffyverse comparisons. Maybe this cover is from the alternate Buffyverse dimension where Jesse survives, grows up and joins the Angel gang (but are there shrimp?)
My first, and pretty much only reaction; Nifty cover. (Im an art student so I think I get away with it)

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