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May 23 2006

HEY KIDS!! IT'S SMILE TIME!!! Everyone's near-favorite ep airs tomorrow on TNT, 7am E&P, 6am C. I just couldn't help myself.

In case some of you out there haven't seen this little bit of television perfection, let this be your warning!Self esteem is how you get it done!!!

If you haven't seen it yet, SEE IT! Oh, it is HILARIOUS. Plus Puppet!Angel is SOOO cute. XD
It's one of my favorites.
Never thought I'd enjoy seeing Angel come out on top of a fight with Spike...but in this one instance, I'll let it slide and admit it was just brilliant! :D
*sigh* I hate how they never show Angel and Buffy anymore in the evening :(, I don't get up that early.
I agree with flightofserenity: I miss getting to see Ats in the evenings, I would even prefer seeing it late at night, but first thing in the morning it a ridiculous time to run a noir show about our vampire champion.
Er, what about taping/TiVoing and time-shifting the eps? Am I missing something?
I was just thinking about this ep last night when my brother and I were discussing the "power shots" on Angel. We decided that the best one is the Puppet Angel power shot in "Smile Time". That had me cheering out loud when I first saw it. Talking about that episode made me want to watch it again right then, but then I realized that my brother has my DVDs! When I said that, he just laughed at me.

Never thought I'd enjoy seeing Angel come out on top of a fight with Spike...

Angel is always on top.
I totally couldn't help myself either. I wanted to remind people, but I only realized "Smile Time" is on this morning a bit earlier than when I saw it posted here. I just love that episode! This whole string of episodes, starting with "Smile Time" onto the end were the best of the series if you ask me.

Last semester I had an 8am class and 6am is still too early for me to wake up, so before I went to sleep I'd change the channel to TNT and press pause on the TiVo, only to wake up at 7 and catch the last half of whatever ep was on. I just thought I would share.
One of the funniest episodes, ever. Since my first viewing of this episode, I have had Puppet Angel as my desktop background on my computers (the hero shot where he's holding a sword behind his head). I just got an urge to watch it again... *goes away to drool in the DVD-box set*
Caught the first half while getting ready for work. Now THAT is a good way to start the day. "I DO NOT HAVE PUPPET CANCER!"
Great, great episode! "And my nose comes off"!! And vampire puppet Angel is not to be missed!
Of course you realize that tomorrow's episode is ::gulp:: "A Hole in the World."

I've actually been waking up early these days and happen to catch the last half of the show. It's been a treat.
Ahhhh...David Boreanaz is at the American Idol finale with his son! My worlds have just collided into one moment of sheer bliss.

I realize this squeal was a bit random, but this was the closest related topic on the front page. And back to holding my breath for Taylor...
Be sure to read the fan-made comic afterwards too :-)
Loved the comic. It has been posted here before, right? I remember the nose thing. Such a good job!

In the actual episode I absolutely loved the Spike puppet Angel scene, but when puppet Angel vamped out, I was on the floor.
I absolutely love this episode. The only downside is that it got my nephew (then six years old) into trouble for going around his school playground and pointing at all the other kids, shouting "You're a bloody puppet!".

Didn't go down well with the teacher, I believe. :D

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