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May 24 2006

Slither is IMDb's movie of the day. The link goes to a juicy review that is positively dripping with praise for Slither.

I'm a bit confused by this. I think - could be wrong - that studios pay IMDB for 'movie of the day' features. Nothing wrong with that, but Slither isn't on DVD or in theatres at the moment...

Still, nice to see the praise.
It's in cinemas here in Australia but I'm sorry to say the "ewwww" factor will be keeping me away - much as I'd love to watch Nathan.
It's on in cinemas here in Australia, and that's what counts :)
It was worth it to see Nathan on the big screen, for me anyway. The FX were so fake I didn't get too grossed out. It's not great, but I've seen worse. The cool thing about Nathan is his ability to make unfunny lines pretty funny.
I saw Slither earlier this week and found it quite funny - I clapped out loud at the "birth" scene and then realised there was a deafening silence in the theater, clearly, no-one else found it funny at all. Humour - it's a funny thing!
The jokes, verbal and visual, got a mixed reaction when I saw it, too. I laughed a lot, but some people were just sitting in stony silence.

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