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May 24 2006

Miss out on the Serenity pre-screenings last year? Fans are currently in the mist of organizing "Can't Stop the Serenity: Big Damn Movie, Big Screen Benefits" to benefit Equality Now for the summer.

Unquestionably, 2005 was an auspicious year for Browncoats everywhere. But in 2006, while we await word on whether or not we ever again will see our Big Damn Heroes on the screen (big or small), it's up to us to continue to reap the benefits of Serenity.

This year, we need Browncoats everywhere to organize benefit screenings of Serenity in their area, for the charity of their choosing. But more than that, on one particular day we want us all to do something truly special.

We're inviting Browncoats to organize same-day nationwide (and, if it happens, around the world) screenings to be held on June 23, all to benefit Joss' favorite charity -- an event we've therefore dubbed Serenity Now/Equality Now.

That would be so awesome. I'd definately go if there was one by me, but I'm afraid I don't have the resources to organized one myself.
I know I am getting all excited to see the movie one more time on the big screen with fellow browncoats
This has been posted before, of course, but as one of the organizers for a screening, I say, the more the better! I do issue one warning though. Make sure that Universal can confim a print for you before you go too far. By this time, many of the prints will be destroyed- or so I'm told.

Ours is in Toronto on June 24th at 4:00 p.m
I see one is being planned for Charlotte. I guess I should contact the organizer and find out what time they're doin it so I can make sure I'm not working on that day!
Less then a month to go! I still have much to do for the Albany NY screening, but honestly, I just can't wait to see the BDM on the BDScreen again! ;)
Currently at 21 confirmed screenings.
Those of you in the Los Angeles area, the SoCal Browncoats screening in Pasadena has less than 40 tickets left. You can purchase tickets or donate online here
I am definitely attending in San Francisco, I am not normally much for midnight shows, but seeing 'Serenity' on the big screen in a theater full of Browncoats is always a plus! I am so happy about this event, and grateful to those who worked so hard to make it happen.
The Vancouver (B.C.) screening is also taking place on June 24th - at 2:15 pm at Pacific Cinematheque. Tickets can be purchased online on the Vancouver Browncoats site, on our our blog site, or from members of the organizing team. Each ticket purchased is eligible for one of our fabulous door prizes. We're aiming for a sellout!

Thanks to b!x for co-ordinating this fun and fundraising effort.
Nothing in DC...maybe my annual (or more often) trip to NYC this year should be the weekend of June 23...
I have spent many days dreaming of doing evil things to the staff at some of the Sydney Theatres!

Having fun organising the Sydney one.
Timing is bad for a trip into NYC that night for me. This has been a really tough year. My son's last day of school is the 22nd. If we make it through, I think I need to be celebrating the end of the school year that night with my son...and maybe the principal of his school. (No lie.) Going into the City to see Serenity would not be his idea of something special to do for him. That would be special for me.

Have fun guys.
Damn it, the one for Cleveland is still in pre-planning.

Please, fellas, make it happen...!
Re: Washington DC. Within the last week, people on the CSTS organizing list have stated that they are working on it, at least at the stage of contacting potential venues.

Re: Cleveland, I'd suggest poking into Firefly Ohio

and seeing what's what.

Or, possibly, Firefly Ohio Cleveland

where it's been under some discussion.

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I noticed this event got covered at Zap2it.
Portland OR, birthplace of the Serenity Now/Equality Now charity screenings proposal is happy to announce that our own screening is go.

Friday, June 23, 9:00 PM at Cinema 21.

Event details always available at
Oh, simon thnx for the zap2it pointer, cos it hadn't yet arrived in my Google news alerts. I sent them positive feedback, since (having both dealt with press and been press) I figure they should know I appreciate them not only reporting it but actually getting it all correct. Heh.
Portland OR, birthplace of the Serenity Now/Equality Now charity screenings proposal is happy to announce that our own screening is go.

Oh, yay! I was so afraid it wouldn't happen here. Good news. Thanks, b!X.

I keep waiting for Patti to post it to the group, figuring it's her event so she should get the post. But we've gone all day without seeing it there, heh.
I'm definitely buying tickets for this once they're available. It going to be a little tricky making plans for that night since it's also my brother's birthday, but I have his permission to leave dinner a little early for this.

I'm hoping to convince my friend to finish Firefly in time for this. I'd love for her to see Serenity for the first time on the big screen.
Looks like picked up the news story also.
Damn! Charlotte one is canceled.
Once again, I doubt anyone will read this, but its also listed on the site in the Arrow in the Head section. Check it out: Here. It was really cool of him to mention the info of the screening in Montreal! (it helped that I emailed him :P).
Oh, also wanted to add, that the event was listed on the Canadian Sci Fi station website(Space), on their blog. Here

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