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May 24 2006

Chuck Jones' "Buffies" and Buffy Comic Mention. DVD Blog Pan and Scan post on Buffy comic release date (old news) and included Chuck Jones' video art piece "Buffies" in which he isolates every utterance of the word "Buffy" from BtVS Season One (also old news, but may be new news to some).

"Buffy Park". Cummon, that's SO cute!
Oh, not that Chuck Jones then. Not really surprising, since he died four years ago, but a Buffy project that he'd done would have been fantastic.
YouTube says the video's private. Was anyone able to get it to play?
Craig, that's the Chuck I was thinking of too! RIP the bestest Tom and Jerry's evah!
Zoinkers, I couldn't get it to work either...
YouTube has issues sometimes. Come back in 20 minutes and I'm sure it will load.
They've made the video public on You Tube now -- in case you have trouble loading it. You Tube is funky that way sometimes.

This Chuck Jones has a seris of "isolation videos." He's actually a young guy living in Chicago who just happens to have a very famous name:

Just hearding the characters say "Buffy" tells you so much about them, but I mostly like how the word "Buffy" becomes like "smurf" after you watch it. "Smurf me that cup of coffee. I need to get smurfin'."
Ah, Chuck Jones. Best. Animation director. Ever. Did you know that he has three films in the U.S. National Film Registry, all of them seven minute Warner Brothers shorts?

Oh, and I am now a fan of this Chuck Jones too. "Buffies" is very entertaining. Best catch: the quick shot of the computer screen of "Malcolm" (or possibly Willow) typing "Buffy". Buffy Buffy Buffy Buffy Buffy Buffy Buffy Buffy.... And yes, you do learn a lot about the characters from just the way they say the word.
Finally saw it. Very cool. Now we need one for all 7 seasons. (Get to work Chuck! heh)

Or maybe one "isolation" video of all the "Joss" phrases. You know what I mean...any word with a Y at the end that normally does not have a Y at the end. Or maybe a phrase with "goodness" at the end. Or a combo of both, for example, Vampy Goodness...I'm now sitting here thinking for about 10 minutes and I can't think of any other examples....there's got to be enough to make a video...someone help me!
I'm thinking that the constant "Buffy Buffy Buffy" would make an excellent ringtone for a mobile or cell phone.
I'll have to catch this as soon as I get home. It will probably be as entertaining as the version of Scarface that was trimmed down to just the characters use of the F-word. I could close my eyes, listen, and actually hear the rhythm of the plot and sense my placing through (mostly) Pacino's cursing.

alexreager - If you add in any mention of "puppies," I'm in.
Speaking of ringtones, I really want the Buffy theme as my ringtone but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Can anyone help me out, here? And yes, I too thought the article was talking about Chuck Jones the animator. Long live Bugs Bunny!
doodles if you live in the States, go to you should be able to get it there.
Whoa. I died laughing when Xander chimed in, sounding pornographic. And then again, with him and Sid. Who knew one word from Xander could be funny??

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