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May 24 2006

Gina Torres' "Standoff" trailer shown during American Idol finale.

It heavily featured straight-haired Gina in her role as Cheryl. Could be good.

They showed a 'Standoff' promo during the '24' finale too.

Also, DB was in the Idol audience with his son Jaden. (So was Emily Deschannel. The Fox cross-promotion machine is in full force.)
Me and my daughter squealed when we saw David and his son!! They looked so cute together. And we were also excited to see Gina in the promo for her show!
I'll let this one go because I don't think we've linked to that page before, but we rather not use whedonesque to announce things we saw on tv, but have no web content.

(Obviously, this can easily be circumvented by re-phrasing the post.)
Caroline, there is an article on the BBC here which mentions the show:
I'm glad this did get posted. It makes me feel less "alone" for having gurgled and pointed wildly in front of the TV at the trailer (both times), and at DB and his cute kid. David and Jaden looked like they were really having fun together at the big event! :-)

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