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May 26 2006

Blow Out and BE Scared with the Flan add some new guest and another Bash. Booster Events adds some more verse guest to their convention line-ups in Burbank, CA this year. They also announced the Angel Booster Bash II, with guests from Buffy, Angel and Firefly, will be held on the East Coast in June 2007, more details on that soon. Update : For the Flan announcement.

Line-ups from the verse:

BE Blow Out Aug 18-20:
Elizabeth Rohm- Angel, Law & Order
Andy Hallett- Angel
Mark Sheppard- Firefly; Medium; 24
Matt James- Angel
Camden Toy- Angel, Buffy
James Leary - Buffy
*Jack Donner- Buffy, Roswell
*Spice Williams- Buffy, Angel
*Charles Cyphers- Buffy
*Kelly Donovan - Buffy
... as well as others from Smallville, Veronica Mars, and Roswell.

BE Scared Oct 13-15:
Christian Kane - Angel, Death Walks the Streets
Julie Benz - Buffy, Angel, Roswell
Juliet Landau - Buffy, Angel
Dennis Christopher - Angel, Deadwood
*Doug Jones - Buffy, Hellboy
*Camden Toy - Buffy, Angel
*Scott Schwartz - Buffy, Oceans Eleven
... and other guest like Bruce Campbell and John Kassir

Flanvention II Dec 8-10:
Nathan Fillion
Adam Baldwin
Alan Tudyk
Jewel Statie
*Ron Glass
Mark Sheppard
Christina Hendricks
Keith R.A. DeCandido
... and many others.

Angel Booster Bash 2 - the Encore on the East Coast of the US in June 2007. More information on the event coming soon.

* - denotes the newly added guest.

RavenU, thank you so much, you're an angel!
For the Veronica Mars fans - Jason Dohring will be attending the Blow Out in August. Just announced today.
BRUUUUUUUUUUCE! The Man! Yay Mr. Campbell! ;-)

And yay VM people! I wonder what Jason Dohring will have to say about Logan and Veronica's relationship in S3, the wrap-up of S2, and moving to the CW? Oh, yeah, that's right -- I'm 3 states away. Oh, well. Everybody post con reports in August, please! :-(

Awesome post, RavenU -- so thorough! Yay!
Doug and Camden will be doing a HUSH Commentary and a Silent Q&A - should be fun.
Would someone please tape that and share it with us? I can feel the belly laughter already.

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