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May 26 2006

Those top 25 greatest moments in X-Men comic book history. A certain scene from Astonishing X-Men #4 comes in at No. 21 in IGN's rundown of great X-moments. In some what related news, April's estimated comic book sales figures are out and both Astonishing X-Men #14 and the hardcover collection of the first 12 issues did very well indeed.

Relevant info for AXM 14:

1 Infinite Crisis 6 $3.99 DC 194,400
2 Wolverine Origins 1 $2.99 Marvel 150,300
3 New Avengers 18 $2.99 Marvel 121,600
4 Astonishing X-Men 14 $2.99 Marvel 119,500
5 Justice 5 $3.50 DC 110,200

And in turn, here's the hardcover figures.

1 Hellboy Vol. 6 Strange Places $17.95 Dark Horse 6,400
2 Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 5 Crossover $12.99 Marvel 6,200
3 100 Bullets Vol. 9 Strychnine Lives $14.99 DC 5,800
4 Showcase Presents Teen Titans Vol. 1 $16.99 DC 5,800
5 Astonishing X-Men Vol. 1 HC $29.99 Marvel 5,700

And that scene from Astonishing X-Men #4? Probably one of Joss' best 5 moments (yes it's thats good).

When I read that scene I really had no idea what was going on. I don't know anything about X-Men.
I know what you mean, it does lose impact if you don't know much about the X-history. But visually, it's superb. And I am impressed that Marvel managed to keep a lock on down on what was going to happen until the All The Rage column broke the news three days before the comic book went on sale.
Oh, I was going to post this and didn't know the relevance and didn't want to piss everyone off. Also, remember that Marvel gave hints that the revival that was going to be seen in the comic was Jean and not Colossus. After seeing the variant cover that Cassaday did for AXM#4, I almost wet myself (in a good way).

I can't believe that Wolverine Origins #1 outsold AXM.
If only that column hadn't spoiled it, I would have enjoyed it so much more.

Although Marvel didn't help by putting out a variant cover with him on the front. Ahem.
I'm a little suprised that ASM #14 sold over 20,000 copies less than ASM #13. Is that a normal drop for the second issue of a new story arc or is there another reason I'm not seeing.
Well, AXM #13 was, for all intents and purposes, the first issue of the second volume of AXM. Retailers will no doubt have taken that into account and have ordered more copies than usual, making the sales figures for #14 appear probably a little worse than they actually were, in comparison. I doubt that it was anything more worrying than that.
I think the reason that AXM #13 sold so well is cause Marvel did a pretty good PR campaign for Joss and John's return and that there had been a several month hiatus so it probably did whet alot of people's appetites . I think it's just natural droppage in regards to the sales figures for AXM #14.

Anyone else remember the fake artwork for #4 that Marvel released which showed Phoenix?
The fake Phoenix cover is actually still available as a wallpaper at if anyone wants to check it out. Go to the wallpaper section, click on "All Wallpapers" and scroll all the way down to the bottom. You won't need to sign up to see it but if you actually want to download any of the wallpapers then you will need to be a member. Registration is free though and only takes a minute or two.

Edited to make the link, y'know, work and stuff! :)

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At first, I didn't think I'd pick that as my favourite moment from Joss' run, but upon reflection it may well be. The look on Kitty's face as he runs right through her--her moment of shock and confusion. And Peter kneeling at her feet, "Oh God, am I dead yet?"... The thing that I'm noticing more and more in AXM is how well Joss and Cassaday work with simplicity. There is little dialogue and little "happens" in the traditional sense of the word--just faces, silence, panes of stillness.

If only had X-Men 3, which was entertaining enough, delivered even one moment on that level.... *shivers at the thought*

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