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May 26 2006

Joe Fridays: Week 52. Joss Whedon, Jeph Loeb (Buffy animated), Brian Bendis and J Michael Straczynski take over Joe Quesada's weekly column at Newsarama. Joss talks about his work at Marvel, and comics in general.

That new art from (i'm guessing) ASM #15 has really got me excited as it looks like things are really going to kick off and we'll finally see some action(not that I didn't love issues #13 and #14). It was also interesting to hear Joss discuss his views on subjects such as the Spider-Man marriage and the state of the marvel universe in general.
The final Joe Fridays??? Noooooooo!

Seriously, it is a shame that this feature has ended because regardless of what you may or may not think about Quesada and his ideas for a better Marvel, his comments always made for an enjoyable thread to read at Newsarama. Wow, some people REALLY don't like that guy, hehe.

Personally, I think that with the exception of a couple of fumbles along the way, Marvel really has become a better company with Joe in charge. Very interesting article, overall.

Oh yeah, and Pete and MJ belong together, end of conversation! ;)
That was great fun, I really enjoyed that. I love the camaraderie at Marvel. And boo to it being the last Joe Friday's, I really looked forward to reading the Q&A every week.
Given the amount of abuse poor old Joe got from some of the Newsarama posters, I'm surprised that the feature lasted as long as it did. That guy must have skin thicker than a rhino in body armour.
WHEDON: Are you guys still doing MAX titles? If you are, then Id be interested.

I'd love a Joss Sue/Emma project. Especially if part of the premise is that Reed isn't the one getting a little action on the side.

Sorry. Evil. Can't help it.
I'm really bummed out this is the last Joe Friday's, too. Always looked forward to it.

Anyway, Joss and Bendis should totally do a Luke Cage/Emma Frost team-up book. A MAX Luke Cage/Emma Frost team-up book. :-)

I'm kinda frustrated about the Spider-marriage discussion--first they talk extensively about how Marvel have always been about letting characters grow and change, and then, for the most part, they agree that this character should be pulled back to the way he was decades ago. I have no strong preference for either a married or an unmarried Spidey, but I love the fact that the character actually moved forward.
Telltale, that is pretty much how I feel as well. I'd prefer to see Pete and Mary Jane stay together as I truly believe that there is nothing about Spider-Man being married that prevents him from being interesting to read. However, the most important thing is growth of the character and so if they do decide to have Spidey's marriage end, however they choose to go about it, then I want to see it progress him as a man, not return him to the boy he was in the sixties comics.

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