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May 26 2006

Girls' Guide To Hunting and Fishing On Set Pictures. SMG and Maggie Grace filming in the Bronx.

Somebody emailed me to say that Richard Dreyfuss is now attached to the movie which I don't we knew before. So cheers for that.

Relevant link.
I really like Maggie Grace. It'll be interesting to see them together.

What is this movie about? SMG looks very cranky to me but I have no idea if her character is meant to be that way or if they just snapped the pictures in off moments.
The Hostess On SMGFAN also confirmed the Richard Dreyfuss news by saying that his photo was on marketing materials being used in Cannes
Cool, it's like a Lost flashback scene to a time when Shannon lived in Sunnydale. :)

Seriously, this movie has just doubled it's chances of me ever getting around to watching it. Having two of the best looking actresses from two of my favourite television series is definately a plus, as far as I'm concerned.
marmoset: The character I'm sure has cranky moments during the film, but with this character they would be endearing moments rather than bitchy moments (and in a couple of these they are clearly shooting one of those). There are pictures from between takes where they're all smiling and chatting more normally.
I know its not important but it really bugs me that her(Sarah) shoes look too big.
I can't get the link to work...must be getting an incredible amount of hits.
Is Dreyfuss replacing Baldwin?
I guess this proves that Maggie Grace is tall enough to play Wonder Woman.
Gotta say, I love SMG's shoes.
VJP666: No, he's in addition to Baldwin. Best guess is that RD is playing her Dad.
on SNG's shoes being too big: I think it's a matter of perception. She's a short girl (5'3)who is also thin. She's wearing a light-colored dress, which contrasts with the dark shoes, making them look more dramatic and severe than they really are, plus the fact that they're pumps, not strappy sandals or anything "lighter" mean that they cover the foot more, creating the idea that her shoes are too big for her feet.

And on Dreyfus being added to the cast...this is what IMDB lists as the plot: "A Manhattanite book editor (Gellar) finds her take on the game of romance changed after she lures the attention of an influential older man."

So something tells me that Dreyfus is another potential suitor, not a father type.
Thanks, Impossible.

I guess this proves that Maggie Grace is tall enough to play Wonder Woman.

I know! I think it's funny that Grace is in the flattest of flats and SMG has on 3-4 inch heels and there is still big disparity in their height. I have to say, as someone who is 5'2", I always love being reminded of just how short she really is.
So something tells me that Dreyfus is another potential suitor, not a father type.

There is no other older man in the book as a romantic interest for the main character. But the father does play an important role, so i could see Dreyfuss there. In fact, I think i'd really like him there.
lpk: The book it's based on doesn't feature any other older potential suitors. The book is made up of short stories basically featuring different periods in the same life. When the film was first announced, it was said that two of the stories would be more of a focal point than the others... and combined in some way. One of which featured the older influential man more prominantly (who we know is played by Alec Baldwin) and the other her father more prominantly.

ETA: Syd beat me to it. ;)

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Is Dreyfuss replacing Baldwin?

If he is, I'm not sure I'll even go see SerenityII in the theater. Might just be a rental.
Does anyone else agree that she looks awful. She has gotten way to skinny, and I have a feeling those cranky shots were not part of her character...
I'm not thrilled with her hair in those shots, but I don't think she looks even remotely awful. And I personally also save judgements on the "crankiness", considering the various scenes of upheavel that this character goes through. I'm certainly not throwing out remarks on an actress if she is simply playing the part.

In regards to her weight, it's an argument I've gone over back and forth with other people again and again and it never gets anywhere but more throwing around with words like "anorexic", which i feel is too often thrown about like it's a brand name or something and rather too serious a thing to judge of someone we don't know.

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I don't think she looks awful--though I'm not fond of the outfit. I don't think she looks particularly skinny either. More than one person has said that the character has some serious moments in the film so I'm assuming that's the reason for the dour look. At first I thought that perhaps the person snapping the pictures was so intent on getting Maggie Grace at perfect moments that no attention was paid to how SMG was looking, which I found annoying, but I've since been persuaded it was her character's demeanor in the scene.
I know we're not supposed to make posts just linking to screencaps, but are we allowed to link to them in comments? If not, I will edit this immediately, but here are some other pictures from the filming of "Girls Guide..." found here and here and here.

I think these are much more flattering.

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Thanks. Those are very nice pictures of her. Did anyone else think that the young guy she's with in the carriage scenes (in the first couple sets of pictures Syd linked to) looks astonishingly like a young Tony Head?
Capt Mel: It seems to me that you have issues with SMG, and to that I say "whatever". However, an overwhelming majority of the people on numerous boards that I've seen respond to these pictures think she looks pretty great and I personally agree with them completely. Also, for what it's worth, the moments pictured above are definitely DURING shooting of the scenes. There are plenty of pictures between takes of SMG herself joking and chatting happily with the director, Maggie and her makeup artist... and also during rehearsals of the scenes. I don't think it's helpful for you to project your own issues onto pictures which show her portraying a character in a movie.

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Capt Mel: It is one thing to have an opinion and quite another to be able to state it in an acceptable manner. Tread carefully.
FYI, That's not the Bronx.
does anyone know exactly where they're filming this movie? like... any actual locations or a website that can tell me??


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