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May 27 2006

Spike vs. Dracula #4 cover art. Belli vampiri in Venezia.

That cover hasn't been seen before as far as I can make out. If you want to view the other already released cover for that issue, then click here.

The "click here" link doesn't work for me, but the cover that Eric did looks great. I've always wanted to take a gondola through the Venice Canals, so this is a very appealing image as well as one that makes me wonder what in the world Spike and Dru could be getting up to in Italy. Am very much looking forward to getting this one.
Very nice cover, Eric. Just make sure the colorist knows to darken the sky, else no issue #5.
This cover looks pretty intriguing to me too.
Spike and Dru in Italia.....wonder what Drac's angle in this episode is?????
I LOVE everything Spike and Dru, this cover is wicked cool.
Great job!
Is anyone else having problems with the "click here" link? Seems to be working ok at my end.
The link worked fine for me, Simon.

I like these covers too. I enjoy evil Spike more when he's being protrayed as romantic. I've been excited about this particular story line since I first heard about it. I was delighted & intriqued by the 'ciao' scene from TGIQ and have since wanted more background to it. Maybe this will give it a glancing blow, but it not, these are still nicely done.

:D Good catch, Jaynelovesvera.
I'm getting a 403- Forbidden message when I "click here". Perhaps it's regional? Yep, very nicely detailed cover.
It may be your firewall or internet privacy settings, Lioness.
I got a forbidden message when I clicked on the link but when i refreshed the page it worked fine...
Will this have any conncetion to the Angel episode that took place in Italy, "The girl in question"?
Yes in the sense that it explains Spike and Dru's time in Italy but apart from that not much connection with The Girl in Question. But I would imagine that there will be a few injokes relating to the episode.

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