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May 27 2006

Serenity wins as Favourite Movie at the 2006 Spacey Awards. The results are in! The SPACEY Awards are the only broadcast event in Canada that honours the best in sci-fi and fantasy film and television.

The results were announced tonight on SPACE (Canada's Sci Fi network) and Serenity won for Favourite Movie (as voted on by viewers) with 36% of the vote - exactly double its nearest competitor! Joss accepted the award on behalf of the cast and crew.

Great! I hope someone's able to post a clip of the acceptance.
Globe and Mail:

The favourite movie was a bit of a surprise, Serenity, Joss Whedon's big-screen follow-up to his short-lived outer-space TV series Firefly.

Spaceys co-host Jonathan Llyr says Whedon's rabid fan base likely led to Serenity beating out such front-runner titles as Kong, Star Wars and Batman Begins.

“Did they stuff the box? I dunno. Maybe, but it just shows that they were the fans that did the most work and got their movie to the top.”

Ramblings of a Rocket Goddess:

Joss's acceptance speech for Serenity was worth it - "It was okay, I liked it. I didn't love it but I liked it." Snort!

Just caught the end of the repeat to see it. Awesome. Joss didn't talk for more than a minute or so said something along the lines of:

"I wouldn't say I love it (Serenity the movie), but I liked it. It was weird with cowboys and space stuff. I guess you fans liked it though. Maybe it's a Canadian thing"

Hahahaha Joss is master. Bow to the fearful leader! Btw, I was wondering when the crew first begins to refer to him as Fearful Leader -- Marti Noxon says this in her commentary for What's My Line Pt. 1, second season box set. I watched the commentary tonight.

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It was nice to see Serenity win although given size of the Whedon fanbase compared to say Star Wars I can't help but wonder if a couple fans out there voted more than once. Joss's acceptance speech was short, but fun. Also 'verse related: Gina Torres made an appearance earlier in the show, presenting the best TV Ensemble award (I think).
Kevin Spacey has his own awards show? ;-)
Heh, when I searched "spaceys" at youtube, a bunch of Kevin Spacey stuff came up. Nice enough, but not what I was looking for.
Well, if these awards were mentioned on Whedonesque, it was likely legitiment votes - Whedonesque will get you an audience of a few thousand clicks. To be honest, if you are a Star Wars fan I doubt you spend your time voting for the movie in award polls - you just know it's going to get voted anyway due to the brand name.

Anyway. Babble gaggle. Well done Serenity.
Well spoken, gossi. It's always a pleasure to see one of Joss' works recognized. I say this toast is towards him. And we wish many more to follow.
If the ballot box was stuffable, that's their fault. For this co-host, whatever his relation to the actual voting process is, to say that seems kinda tacky, whatever back-handed praise he tacked onto it.
This is, of course, the same award found in James Marsters' garbage. Star Wars won a lot of awards from Space itself- who gave no love (that I can remember) to Serenity. It was the fans who did that. But Space was the first in North America to show the complete Firefly in the correct order so I can't accuse them of being Whedon dissers.
Once the results are up, perhaps we can link to that - they always have a video clip of the acceptance speeches.
If the ballot box was stuffable, that's their fault.

The Spaceys are very tongue in cheek - not at all your average awards show. Just reading Llyr's comments wouldn't convey that - Joss got right into the spirit of things with his acceptance "speech".

The ballot box wasn't "stuffable" - at least not by your average computer user, so it was a fair vote I think.
...and BSG won for best show. We Canucks know what we're about.
We are friends here, yes?
With you Madhatter? Always!
That came out too pissy, sorry. Nice Canadians. Nice funny awards. I can't accuse them of being Whedon dissers.

...especially not after last year's Labour Day Joss-a-Thon.

I submitted a picture of my family and I watching OMR, when it came up in the rotation in the early afternoon, to Universal's Browncoat site for their viewing party challenge; probably the second-easiest major points haul offered there.

What's this I hear of Marsters throwing out the Spacey?
The award mysteriously disappeared from his trailer and someone put it up on eBay for sale.
I wonder if Kevin Spacey will ever win a Spacey.
He'll have a shot this year with Superman Returns. When I saw the trailer, for a second I thought he was Gene Hackman.
Just to confirm Ruadh's comment on the 'stuffability' of the ballots - they only allowed you one time access per category, per ip address.

I was quite happy for us and Serenity!
So it was totally legitimate, even if you called all of your non-fan friends to vote, it would've still been just one vote.
By the by you can view James' Spacey acceptance speech here.
for those who did not see joss' acceptance speech, canadian browncoat yahoo listmom heather has provided this link:

For those of you who missed the Spacey awards, there is a very short
video clip of some hightlights including Joss accepting his award.

Heather - Toronto
List Mom

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