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May 28 2006

Joanna Russ: Buffy Fan. During an interview with Samuel R. Delany at WisCon 30 in Madison, WI, the legendary feminist SF and F writer Joanna Russ expressed her admiration for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

She is impressed by the quality of the writing and the depth of the characters. An audio recording of the interview is forthcoming.

I love Russ. Her most famous book is probably The Female Man, but my favorite of hers has to be Picnic on Paradise, and her short story collections rock too. I think it makes perfect sense for her to love the show: Buffy is about the strength and pain of being a woman, and Russ's best works have been about women who're strong, physically and emotionally, and still very much humanly vulnerable. She writes the best feminist science fiction, and Buffy would so be her speed.
What is this con??? I looked at the names, the subjects of the panels and I so want to be there!
I like And Chaos Died. I'll be very interested in the audio recording. I've never heard either her or Samuel R. Delaney's voice, that I can recall.
I heard Chip Delaney read once - he was excellent. Good reading voice. Of course he was reading from his own work.
I know I've read at least one print interview he did with another writer. He was good. Any word on when and where the recording will be available, whump?
Speaking of recent cons, I know a number of posters were going to the Slayage Conference in Georgia. Hope those who went had a good time.
Slayage Conference in Georgia. Hope those who went had a good time.

I'd be interested to see other write-ups too. For what it's worth I did a brief one here.
This is very high praise, there is virtually no other SF & F writer as good, insightful, and talented as Joanna Russ. Only James Tiptree, Jr. (Alice Sheldon) comes anywhere close.

Also, weird to see Octavia Butler on the schedule for this con, since she passed away recently (very sad, much too young).

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