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May 29 2006

The Buffyverse tv movies - what happened? Clint at does his best to work out what went wrong and what the Buffyverse sequels would have been about.

He focuses more on the dealings with The CW but doesn't really seem to address what was happening with the respective Fox divisions.

As for the details of the movies, well Tony Head did say Ripper was supposed to have been one of them as well.

I really doubt that Joss and the network big wigs are going to see eye to eye. The only option is for some mysterious and wealthy benefactor to give Joss his own network and multi-billion dollar budget to do all the tv and movies he wanted to.
The only option is for some mysterious and wealthy benefactor to give Joss his own network and multi-billion dollar budget to do all the tv and movies he wanted to.

I'm working on it! I just need a significant raise at work.
If we haven't learned the fact that tv executives are short-sighted fools over the past few years I don't know what is going to do it for you guys. Maybe if I make up a big sign and dance around wearing it?

I'd be lying if I said that I thought that all of the internet protesting we've been doing meant a single thing to the people in the ivory towers who renew One Tree Hill and cancel our important shows.

Look. What I'm trying to say is that maybe we should start taking hostages, or sending severed heads to their houses. No wait... let's be really cruel and make them watch the reality tv that they keep foisting upon us.
Well, I don't believe a bit of what this guy's saying. There's no way you could write that much on one cup of coffee, without most of it getting cold.
It just makes me so sad. The idea of a series of Whedonverse movies that has a built in audience who would be thrilled to buy them (on DVD)seems like it should be profitable and very doable.Guess there's a lot more too it than I can fathom. But disappointed? yes,I really am.
Well no surpises there I suppose, but it still hurts to read it in 'black and white'.
Until there's final word from Joss, I'm not convinced of anything. This guy seems to think that the WB (now CW) is the only place the Buffyverse movies can find a home. We all should know by now that isn't true. This article is pure speculation.
Near as I can tell from the programming- the CW could be for a disaster of epic proportions. I wouldn't be surprised to see them camped out on Joss' doorstep come January.
The CW has Veronica Mars.

That is enough to save it. Now people just have to watch the bloody show.
'fans have been laying in hope'.
Yes indeed, I have. Those CW execs are hard work. Whatever it takes, man.
Given the reality, I would still love to know what the story lines were going to be for each movie, especially the Willow one.
I think I agree with catalyst2. So sad.
lone fashionable wolf's post cracked me up.
Sorry, I always get so silly.
'fans have been laying in hope'.
Yes indeed, I have. Those CW execs are hard work. Whatever it takes, man.

Taken it for the team LFW.
Your my hero!!
; P

*sobs with cat*
hmm... so..
We're to take this lying down?

Do...we... can we... dare I say...
Start a boycott of CW...
Start a web page...
Pull a Serenity...

There's more of us than they realize....

Then again.... Joss may really be closing the door on Buffy...which is understandable...
That and Masters is getting older...
Hannigan... may want to be known for something else other than wicca goodness or band camp hijinks.
as far as Gellar.. we can pretty much count her out..

But Nick Brendon... don't we all miss Xander...
I just wish people would stop re-enforcing this tragedy. I was doing nicely with my denial. *whimper*
I loved reading his comments about why the shows were great. I mean we of course all know this, but it's nice when it gets put in print for the virgins to read.

The Buffy fandom will just continue to grow now that all seasons are on DVD. I just can't see how something *won't* happen. Call me hopeful. Like ESG, if it is truely over, I'm not believing it until Joss says so. Send those postcards, kids!
We should have at least one TV-movie about how the new Slayers...and Watchers...are carrying on the tradition. It could be one we've never seen before.
After all, if TNT and FX aren't interesting in showing Buffy and Angel anymore, there's always Sci-Fi...if Whedon, Fury or Minear have full control, of course.
I personally would have actually like some answers from this article... And before we begin calls to boycott the CW bear in mind that it may have been Joss that said no... Remember, in the wake of Serenity's moderate success at the box office he (Joss) may feel like he desereves more clout on projects than was allowed in the past. The fact is we do not know what was offered or what was said by either side... I would like to believe that Joss would jump at the cahnce to continue the Buffyverse but this IS his living and maybe not enough money was on the table... I hope we learn what really happened.

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You've got it right, ElectricSpaceGirl. Until Joss Whedon himself says "No movie", everybody can continue to hope.
There may be other legal entanglements, as well. The Kuzuis, for instance, may be involved. We just don't know. And I think if anything were going to happen, it would have by now. But, on the other hand, I know nothing of studio politics and all the legal issues -- and maybe this is just standard stuff to work through. I'm curious, though, to know how close Joss came to some sort of agreement when he was dropping hints before. Maybe some day he will let us know.
The Kuzuis, for instance, may be involved.

And Dolly Parton too. You may think I joke. But no.
Well put palehorse! I must admit, for as devoted and pervasive as Buffy/Angel fans are we have a hard time gleaning any inside information... Where are all of the "contacts" that we had while the series were in production? Could it be that there are fewer individuals involved since Mutant Enemy Productions was sacked and as a result less people who are "in-the-know" that could talk about what is going on... And while I have mentioned it, the dissolution of ME should have been pretty telling as to JW’s intentions upon returning to the television format… But hey, this is all rumour and conjecture. RavenU, you always had some sort of insight concerning these dealings… Any ideas?

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And Dolly Parton too. You may think I joke. But no.

Eleborate please.
Dolly owns Sanddollar Productions which produced Buffy. It's the greatest Buffy trivia item ever.
According to my understanding, Dolly Parton is the owner of Sandollar Television. Gail Berman came up with the idea of the Buffy television project. She brought Joss in and they pitched the concept together to the networks. Gail Berman was an executive for Sandollar when the television project began. I'm not sure how much Sandollar (Dolly Parton) owns of the Buffy property. If you look at the credits both Kuzui Enterprises and Sandollar Television are featured on the same page, between ME and Twentieth Century Fox.
'fans have been laying in hope'.
Yes indeed, I have. Those CW execs are hard work. Whatever it takes, man.
lone fashionable wolf | May 29, 12:11 CET

OMG, bwa ha ha ha ha. That made me snort.
lone fashionable wolf, your joke, and Simon, your Dolly Parton trivia, are the only things that made me smile here.

How very, very sad the rest of it is. To know that there were actual plans for Jossian stories of our beloved characters that won't come to be - to me that's far worse than had there never been any plans for these movies.

Did I say how very sad I am?
I'm still holding out hope that we will get ALL the movies.
Spike...Ripper...Faith...Willow and SMG with DB in a big screen movie. I wouldn't count them out, ever. It is, afterall, their Universe we play in. Joss, Buffy and Angel.

With X-Men, Spiderman, Superman coming or already out there, it baffles my mind that their wouldn't also be "Buffy".

Not to be smug but Joss does do it better than the others, had he been involved in X-Men 3, it would have ruled. No offense to anyone who loved it.

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