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May 30 2006

(SPOILER) Morena Baccarin discusses her new role on Stargate SG-1. Brief Firefly mention.

Good find. I was wondering if an interview with her about the show would turn up soon. I added a spoiler tag btw just in case.
Thanks, Simon. That was an oversight.
Morena will reprise her role from Firefly in the film Serenity later.

Date of publishing: 24th May 2006. Hmm, something's a wee bit wrong there.
I wondered about that, too, Senor Pants. Reading the rest of the interview, though, I think the writer is not primarily an English speaker. He (she?) might just have meant, "she later reprised her role," or "she went on to reprise her role," something like that.
There are no words to explain my joy at having my two biggest fandoms - the Whedonverse and SG-1 - coming together like this. No. Words.
Gilles Nuytens: What is your best memory from Firefly?
Morena Baccarin: The whole thing.

Awww. Me, too. :)

Sounds like a fascinating character MB can really sink her teeth into. Here's hoping she gets an extravagently exotic and flattering (yet still comfortable, if that's possible) costume befitting her uber-baddie status!
Really looking forward to this. I think the Ori are interesting (and relevant) baddies and it'll be cool to see MB onscreen again (couldn't bring myself to watch The O.C., even for her). Wouldn't be at all surprised if we see a Marsters style increase in Morena's screen time once the creators get to know her a bit (I think he was only originally down for 4 or 5 Smallvilles).

And looking at phrases like "You play now in 2 hit scifi shows..." i'd say it's fairly certain, as billz says, that the writer/interviewer isn't a native English speaker (tenses can be particularly tough for people learning a foreign language). I'm certainly not criticising though since it's still way better than my [insert non-English language of choice here] (unless it's really bad school-boy French, which I happen to be fluent in ;).
Hey Saje - you didn't miss much in skipping the O.C... They underutilized her beyond belief. She had like 2 lines and had no screen time. I was really disappointed. Hopefully SG-1 will see what they've got in her and take advantage. I need my Morena fix!

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