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May 30 2006

"Serenity" documentary could be done before Comic-Con. The producers of "Done the Impossible" have a production update on their site. They've been very busy, but they say they are making progress. They also announce that, barring any new snags, they will be ready to ship the DVD before July 20th, before Comic-Con.

Glad they are working so hard for this, can't wait to get my copy!
I can't wait to get my copy, either. I have to say, for people putting together such a bonus-filled documentary DVD while having other, full-time jobs, they're making good time. I'm impatient for it to be finished and sent out, but I get why it's taken so long. It looks like it's going to be great.
Is there a way to get the DVD without using Paypal? I flat out refuse to have a Paypal account, though I see how it's much easier for them to operate that way.
Browncoat, if you scroll down a bit on the link above, you will see where they say you can pay with a credit card through paypal without actually signing up for a paypal account.
Glad to hear it's coming along so well. Looks like it'll be pretty cool. Glad I ordered it way back when it was just being offered and nicely discounted (or maybe it's still on sale?)

It would be good practice to send out a regular quarterly update about the DVD's progress. Not everyone who pre-ordered will think to check the site for updates...some may've forgotten they even ordered it, or at least where they ordered it from.

If it wasn't for WhedonEsque, I wouldn't even know the project's status.
Shiny! Thanks TamaraC.

What's really wonderful is that the DVD will ship soon, and the more it's delayed (as much as I hate that) the more time they have to put in other things, and possibly get some people out to film at the screenings on June 23rd, though I doubt they'll have enough time for that.

BTW, does anyone know any screenings that are being planned for Maryland or Virginia?

Kris how much did you pay for it when you ordered it?

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BTW, does anyone know any screenings that are being planned for Maryland or Virginia?

I haven't heard anything. Organize one. ;)

Actually, I do think there's someone trying to make a DC one happen, but I don't know what the chances are offhand.
Well, those of us(like me) who are interested in seeing how this is proceding, check out the message board, in the done the impossible section. People usually post on threads like the release date thread to get his attention of whats the progress. I am truely excited about it. I can imagine myself spending days going over all of the features on the DVD. I debated about posting this link though, considering the last time I posted it, there was a bit of a bitch fest. And as it has been said in the past, if people are really displeased with this project should contact the main guy and ask for their money back if they ordered it.
I definitely missed the bitchfest last time a link got posted. Why were people upset about the project?
Browncoat, IIRC some folks had prepaid and were upset the product didn't ship on time. I believe it was made clear they could get a refund if they were unwilling to wait. Or I could be remembering wrong, I wasn't upset myself.
I'm looking forward to picking this up in person in San Diego.
The bitchfest, at least on my part stemmed from the fact that I made a purchase as a Christmas present for a fellow Browncoat because while there was no hardfast release date it was said it would release in November which was then pushed back for "at least another 2 weeks of editing" which I suppose isn't a lie because 7 months is certainly within the guidelines of "at least 2 weeks."

Oh well, here's hoping I get to give my friend a Christmas in July.
wow this sounds like it may just take us as long to watch it as its taken to produce it
I missed the previous bitch-fest as well, but I have to admit that I am personally torn. On the one hand, I feel alot like war_machine, in that it was promised and then delayed and then there was nothing. No word. No emails to people who paid for it back last September when it was first offered for sale. Even though I do know it will be worth the wait, I just feel as though it was handled poorly. At least for this fandom, who is by in far the best I have ever experienced.

That said, if it exceeds my original expectations now, I would be thoroughly surprised, requardless of all of the extra editing and production. Heck, back during the huge adrenaline rush that came and followed the BDM, I would have just loved all of the footage slapped together.

But - the rational part of me knows this is not these peoples full time job. No matter how many thousands of fan dollars they have been sitting on for the past 7-9 months. I think at the very least emails or something would have been very nice indeed. They don't even update (or didn't used to when I would think to go and check) that thread in the forum. Point being, as far as anyone knew for a very long time the money was just gone and the project was just abandoned.

I am anxious to recieve my copy, as I know at least 10 other people personally are, and it if comes before the end of July, I will be surprised.
I wish it was out already. I emailed them and they don't ever answer me back.
Hi all, Jeremy here from "Done the Impossible". All things considered, one year from start of filming to uber fancy DVD is pretty good, but I fully admit we managed the release date very poorly. And for that I appologize again. But I do think it will be worth the wait.

As I've said before, I've answered every single email I've recieved, generally within an hour of getting it. However, I also get about 500 spam messages a day, and so it's possible "ChoseOne's" and other emails slipped through, or got tagged as spam and I missed it. Sorry about that, please email again.

We have considered settting up a mass emailer and keeping everybody updated via email, but that would take a considerable chunk of our already strained time. So instead, we update the site as often as we have a chance, and those updates inevitably end up being linked to here.

Feel free to send any concerns to me either directly at the email address listed on our website, or via our forum. And I will endeavor to respond as quickly as I can.

Thanks for your interest, and patience. --- Jeremy
JeremyN, thanks for your continued responsiveness, and thanks to war_machine and CinJudes for expressing concerns in a courteous manner. As Jeremy said, you can and should e-mail him directly regarding specific queries.

I think I signed up for a DVD at the Flanvention last December, but I honestly can't remember . . . ah well, it'll be a nice surprise when it arrives.
*very* excited to receive mine! Thanks for giving us an update, Jeremy!
I highly recommend the free webpage change notification service from I use it to monitor several webpages so that I receive an email the day after any change to the page occurs. It's a simple way to keep tabs on a site or page that I'm interested in but don't have the time to check regularly.

You can use the link below to setup the service and have it monitor any webpage...

Good luck,


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