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May 30 2006

Superman/Batman #26 out this week. This is Sam Loeb's story.

There's been numerous stories about this issue posted at Whedonesque. Joss commented about it in this thread and blogged about the Superman/Batman #26 Wizard panel as well. A portion of the sales from this comic will go to "The Sam Loeb College Scholarship Fund".

Now if I've got this right, because of Memorial Day Americans and UK'ers will get this issue a day later than they usually would. Canadians should be unaffected.

I'm just glad it's finally shipping this week.

And that's interesting about Memorial Day...I didn't think of that, so does that mean the new books won't be on the racks until Thursday?
As far as I am aware but you'd want to check with your local comic book shop first.
Comics will be in stores on Thursday, at least at my local comic shop. This usually happens with holidays.
If I remember correctly from previous holidays, mainland Europe should get its books on regular schedule.

I despise the Superman/Batman book with a passion, but I've decided I can't let that get in the way of buying this issue. :-)
Well normally we (in Manchester at least) get them a day late as well. A few times I've walked over to Forbidden Planet only to find I had nothing to buy yet.
My local comic shop is getting this week's issues on Thursday as well. As stated above, almost always happens when there's a holiday early in the week.
My comic shop is also getting the new shipments of comics on Thursday due to the holiday.

I'm really am looking forward to this comic and the fact that all these comic creators pulled together for this issue in honer of Sam Loeb's memory.

Slightly OT but comic book related.The Angel Spotlight:Gunn one-shot also comes out this week.IDW has the covers and some preview pages up at there site.

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When S/B first started, I thought to myself, "Eh, this isn't so bad." Then it sunk low. And then lower. And lower still. The last few issues were an insult to any man's intelligence. But I still will be buying this one; a fitting final journey into S/B.
Yeah, I've read every issue of S/B, and, well...normally, when I don't like a comic, I just quietly ignore it, but I really can't stand this title at all.

#26 is a special issue though, so I'll definitely be picking this up tomorrow and, now that a new creative team is taking over, #27 as well (it'll be nice to read a new E-2 Power Girl/Huntress story).

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