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May 31 2006

Additional On Set Pictures From Girls' Guide To Hunting and Fishing. More pictures here and SMG taking pictures of the Paparazzi here on wireimage.

Wow, she looks fantastic in those first two wireimage pics. Well, pretty much in all the shots where her hair is down -- but for some reason not so much where her hair is pulled back, which is funny, because I always thought she looked great on Buffy whenever her hair was pulled back (I notice since it's a look I cannot pull off myself, *sigh*.)
umm... a password is required for the main link?
She's looking great in all of the pictures I've seen from the set of this film.
"umm... a password is required for the main link?"

Septimus, if you click on the first "here" in the body, you go straight to the pics, which are stunning, I've allways loved SMG as a brunette.
Wow, hardly recognise her as a brunette.
Just to reiterate a comment from the last post of pictures -- they've got her donning some SERIOUS heels for this movie.
Just think, if "Buffy" and "Spike" were to see each other now, they could both ask "What's up with the hair?"

Her blonde coloring in the later seasons of Buffy was multi-dimensional and natural looking, but this color looks great on her. And I hope she has it in her contract to keep some of her wardrobe!
It actually reminds me of the color they gave her for 'Simply Irresistable'.
Gotta say, it is really annoying for the main link to go straight to a password popup. Seems kinda pointless...
Her hair was brunnet-ish dark in Cruel Intentions, mostly because I think they needed her to look different to both Reese Witherspoon and Selma Blair.
The main link should be ok now.
Thanks, Simon!
My feet hurt just looking at those shoes...

She does look fabulous in those pics - and really cute with the glasses
I'm sorry but to me she looks in dire need of a damned good meal or five! A poster child for anorexia. She used to use the excuse that all the action stuff on Buffy kept her stick insect thin but, if anything, she's even more emaciated now than she was then.
@nemesis: There's no question that she has put on a few pounds since Buffy ended 3 years ago. Clearly you know nothing about anorexia if you think that word needs to be mentioned in any discussion of SMG. It's quite frankly disgusting the way the term is thrown around these days.

[ edited by Impossible on 2006-05-31 20:13 ]
Let's not have yet another discussion on how thin or how heavy actors are or look, ok. Not now and not in future.
Gotta say, it is really annoying for the main link to go straight to a password popup. Seems kinda pointless

I don't know what was happening there as the link was going straight through to the pictures for me and no I'm not registered at that site
Bloodflowers - love the thought of Buffy and Spike commenting on each otherís dark hair! Sarah and James, however, would probably just breathe a collective sigh of relief over not having to bleach their naturally dark locks. Both looked great as blondes, but both look awesome as brunettes.
Thanks Caroline - those of us who are naturally "stick insects", "coat hangers" etc. are sick of it too
Nemesis - Would you like me to show you what a poster child for anorexia looks like? Heh, at some points during the show, even Alyson Hannigan was as thin as SMG. And she didn't do anything physically demanding, what was her excuse?

It's interesting, last week she was rumored to be pregnant and this week she's anorexic. Go figure.

Anyway, loving the brunette hair.
It's already been said, but no more posts on the subject of weight/anorexia. OK? Thanks.
She looks lovely! She's someone who looks great with any hair color - well, maybe not green! ;^)

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